iPhone Accessories You Can’t Do Without

The iPhone remains a highly popular phone, and as always Apple has cornered the market in terms of usability and friendly interfaces. With computers, Apple has traditionally trailed behind the rest of the market due to the differences in technology and the compatibility issues, but when it comes to phones they have cornered the market and continue to achieve dizzying heights in terms of popularity and revenue. So you’ve bought the iPhone 4? Congratulations. Now get ready to find out which accessories you really need.

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A docking station seems like a bit much, for a phone. But bear in mind the fact that your iPhone is not just a phone but also a fully functioning iPod. More and more people nowadays use their phones as alarm clocks, and when the docking station allows you to play your music loudly and straight from your iPhone, it becomes an amazing alarm clock in its own right. This can also allow you to simply sling your iPhone onto the dock in order to enjoy some music, and at the same time your phone will be charging to ensure you get full functionality out of it in the morning.

Using your phone in the car is a big issue nowadays, and if your phone doesn’t have a place for it you may find yourself fishing under the seat and either giving up on using it entirely or fiddling about in ways that endanger your health and that of the other road users. A simple stand will stick onto your windscreen and help you keep your phone within sight. Keep your headset on and when it rings you can simply tap the answer button to have a conversation without risking dangerous traffic situations.

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Many cars, nowadays, come with functionality allowing you to plug your mp3 player straight into the car’s radio system. Unfortunately for those of us with older cars, it has yet to become universal. But with an FM transmitter custom-made for the iPhone or iPod, you can use your iPhone to stream music from your mp3 collection through your car’s stereo system. All you need to do is turn on the radio and tune it to the same channel your FM transmitter is transmitting on, and you can enjoy all of your music as if you were listening to a CD or had your iPhone plugged into your car radio directly.

The iPhone is a marvel of modern technology and you may well find that it is the most amazing phone you have ever owned. Carefully choose the accessories you use with it and maximise the fun you can expect to experience.

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