The iPhone 6 Plus Bends!

Since Apple began selling the new iPhone 6 Plus, their first phablet, online and in stores last Friday, a tech rumour has emerged that could take the shine off this new device.

Pictures have been posted on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, showing the product bent out of shape. Users accompanying their musings with the hashtags #bendgate and #bendghazi show their new device slightly bent after it has been in their back pockets for a while.

iPhone 6 Plus bending

iPhone 6 Plus bending

The problem may be that the iPhone 6 Plus has a thin and large body, measuring 6.22-inch by 3.06-inch, but is only 7.1mm thick, and manufactured from the relatively lightweight aluminium. These factors, combined with the warmth of a person’s body, could make the device susceptible to pressure and cause them to bend. Whereas other smartphones have been made using harder plastic surrounded by a metallic case, which would make them much less flexible.


One unhappy purchaser of the iPhone 6 Plus posted to the Apple forum MacRumours, saying that his device was left bent after it had been in his back pocket for a day. Others also shared their pictures with similar stories; they had kept their phone in their pockets and when it was removed it was curved or bent.


Since the postings, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy, tested the new iphone 6 Plus, and put up a video on YouTube showing the results:

“So there you have it,” he said. “Unfortunate, but under the pressure of my hands, it does bend quite significantly.”

However, since the video was posted, many other iPhone 6 Plus users have come to the defence of the seemingly disastrous technical flaw, stating that you wouldn’t expect to keep your device in your pocket for long periods of time, and that people shouldn’t sit on them. New images have now emerged in which defenders of the device have posted pictures mocking the #bendgate scandal.


Postings include a new ‘Dali’ shaped phone, inspired by Spanish artist Salvador Dali and dripping off a desk, and David Beckham holding the new phone with the title ‘Bend it like Beckham’ in the background. Even top brand names have cashed in on #bendgate, with KitKat stating ‘We don’t bend we break!’


So far there has been no comment from Apple, who didn’t have the best of weeks as they had to quickly pull a critical first update after customers lost their connections to a cellular network. Complaints started flooding in after Apple issued the update, with many saying that they couldn’t make a phone call or text. The update was intended to fix a variety of problems, but in the end, Apple made the decision to stop it so that users could retain their services.

As for #bendgate, the debate still rages on, with some stating that it is just a few people who shouldn’t have put the phone in their pockets, whilst others are calling it a complete design flaw.

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