iPhone 5: The Phone to Beat

Rumor has it that the latest phone from Apple popularly known as iPhone 5 will come out this September.  Is it that

iPhone 5 - laptops.co.uk

iPhone 5 – laptops.co.uk

appealing to anticipate?  Are there any new features included in the latest addition of the growing number of phones being offered in the market? What sets this phone apart from the rest of them?

Every year Apple introduces new gadgets that are technically better and much more enhanced, ensuring that it keeps up with the modern times.  They always come up with innovative devices that allow people to adapt in the fast paced environment we are living in now.

The latest iPhone 5 will have features that other phones to do not have.  Aside from its voice mail, text messaging capabilities, media player and browsing in the net, Apple will make this phone a 4g compatible network, meaning faster connections for its users.

Most individuals are into social networking sights nowadays, blogging about their recent activities and taking pictures all the time.  This latest phone offers more megapixels, allowing each picture to deliver the best quality and the best resolution there is.  No need for SLR’s or any other digital camera.  As long as you have your phone with you, you can always capture the moments you don’t want to miss.

The iPhone 5 also introduces a dual core processor.  It’s like having two brains in a single phone.  Data’s are processed instantaneously.  Now that is really something to look forward too.  It’s like having a super computer in the palm of your hands.

People say that this phone will also allow you to pay your bills in groceries and shops by simply pushing a button in your phone.  This is undeniably a gadget to outdo.  Imagine, not having to bring your wallet, credit cards and cash whenever you go out.  All you need is your phone and you are all set to make your purchases.

But until the phone comes out there is nothing that we can do but speculate on the probable features this new phone will offer.  Surely apple did not make us wait this long for nothing.  There is definitely something in this gadget that will make it stand out among the rest.  I certainly believe that the iPhone 5 is one phone that people will buzz about in the coming months and pretty sure every gadget enthusiast will want to have a hold of this phone.

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