iPad 3 vs New Kindle Fire – Which Will You Buy?

The market for high-end tablets could be hotting up early next year as Apple and Amazon are set to compete with new devices that are in direct competition with each other. With reports from Digitimes, the Tiawanese company that provide much of the highly technological components required to power gadgets that Apple makes, it appears that Apple is set to launch its new HD iPad 3 early Spring 2012.

But a newly revamped Kindle Fire is also expected to be launched at the same time as the iPad 3, and the race is on now between Apple and Amazon to secure a place in the internet market for top spot amongst high-profile tablets.

It is thought that the new Amazon Kindle Fire will have two models available next spring, an 8.9” screen version and a 10.1-inch model in production, which is quite close in size to Apple’s current 9.7-inch iPad 2. Sales figures for the Kindle Fire have not yet been released but Amazon have stated that it is their best-selling electronic device for the last six months. Moreover, recent reports of Apple’s iPad 3 are being described as a little more than a ‘revamp’ of the iPad 2.

Insider information reveals that the new iPad 3 will have a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 and will be slightly thicker than the current model but the screen size will remain the same. The thicker size of the iPad 3 is supposedly to accommodate the twin LED bars which are needed to light up the super-high-definition screen.

Factories that are owned by Apple are thought to have pushed production of the tablet forward in factories in an attempt to get ahead of any launch by Amazon but are unlikely to meet the Christmas rush. It is believed that they will start working on the new devices by the Chinese New Year on January 22-28. Sources on The Wall Street Journal report that the company has placed an order for 1.5 million new screens for the new gadget.We do not know whether either the Kindle Fire or the iPad 3 will provide a quad-core processor which is works in high-end laptops to give a faster browsing experience. Watch this space for more Apple and Amazon news!

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