Involvement of technology in Education

Technology today has touched each and every sphere of our lives. From our regular day to day activities to our office place work nothing, absolutely nothing today functions without a helping hand from technological advancements. So why should the education sector be left out? Well, as a matter of fact it has not been ignored at all. In fact the use of technology in the field of education is increasing day by day. It is needless to say that familiarity with the various advantages and disadvantages of the technological devices is of utmost importance from a very young age and hence the necessity of involving technology in education. How is technology involved? For a very long time after the widespread use of computers in other fields, were they introduced in the education sector? A number of acts like the National Defense Education Act in 1958 in the USA proved to be the motivating factor behind implementing technology in education. 

However this was a long drawn process and is yet to take strong roots in various countries around the world. Scientific researchers have shown us time and again that a person learns better or at least understands better when he is exposed to something visually as well as something which is audible. The image registers and implants in the brain even if the voice fades away in the memory. This makes learn much easier and much less time consuming. In other words, education becomes more effective and productive with the help of technology. What forms of technology to be used and the role of the Internet The use of technology for class room teaching is of vital importance. If one is taught with a slide show presentation with the use of a projector then learning becomes fun and kids tend to enjoy it more. The boring classes generally become interactive sessions and students automatically participate and initiate discussions themselves. It proves to be essentially productive.

 The form of technology that is in a major rage these days is the internet. The World Wide Web has proved to be of immense significance. The collection of data in the search engines is more than it can be comprehended. It is regularly being updated and upgraded every minute every second. There are no confinements when it comes to learning from the internet. Nearly all information that one is looking for can be found here. There are other learning packs available as well which provide lessons. Technology today has become a tool for education. The involvement of technology in education is too widespread to ignore. Students in most of the schools in USA access the internet to gather information and complete their assignments. This has made research work more fun and much less hectic. Home works are submitted online and the teachers correct them online as well. For the university students they can read up papers of other students and professors online and can submit their papers online as well. Distance education has gained such status all owing to the involvement of the internet. The proper use of the internet (not misuse), has benefited the field of education greatly and the involvement of technology in education is too vast to deny.

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