Invaluable Family Holiday Necessities

Even if you book an all-inclusive holiday, you will need to ensure you have certain essentials with you when you go on a family holiday. These can be helpful not only in emergency situations but also in day-to-day life on a holiday that goes according to plan.

Medical emergencies are the biggest issue that could face you during a holiday. Make yourself familiar with the nearest medical facilities when you arrive, so that you don’t have to figure it out in an emergency, when panic may get the better of you. Having a kit of essentials such as Savlon, plasters, painkillers, and Calpol is beyond essential. Cough syrup and antacids ensure everyone in the family is taken care of, as you may find your holiday diet a bit hard on the reflux!

Keeping your kids entertained for the duration of your holiday is, of course, important. But as packing space is generally limited, you want to ensure that the toys they bring are truly high in quality. For older children, a hand-held console like a Nintendo DS or a PSP are the best choice, with a selection of games for variety. For younger children, colouring books and ample pencils or crayons are essential. Just keep an eye out and make sure they don’t ruin your accommodation as this may end up costing you money in the long run.

If you have a DVD player and television in your hotel room or holiday cottage, bringing some old favourites and buying a couple of new DVDs geared towards your children is a brilliant plan. Of course you’ll be out and busy most of the time, but having recourse in case you want to distract them for a while can be a godsend. The old favourites are a great plan because you already know they distract your children adequately, but the new ones will rivet them in a whole new way.

Finally, while you will mostly gear your holiday towards activities that are child-friendly, don’t underestimate your children’s ability to enjoy more adult settings. Museums or sights that are usually more intended for an adult audience can offer good prices for children’s tickets, and many children will enjoy these as much as you will. Strike a balance, by all means, but don’t deny yourself absolutely everything.

Family holidays can be fraught with frustration and exhaustion, but if you plan to keep your children busy and happy, you can find them immensely rewarding, too.

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