Introduction to the New Canon T3

Canon T3 is the newest addition to the Canon collection and the latest replacement to the Rebel XS model. This

Canon T3 - dcanoncameras.com

Canon T3 - dcanoncameras.com

new addition to the rebel is updated in order to cope up to the needs of the people as it varies through time.  What are the latest additions to this Canon gadget and how does improve your imaging experience? Here are the following answers to the questions you are thinking.

  • Advanced imaging made easy is just one of the good things present in this gadget. Because it is compact and lightweight, it is very easy to carry it around taking shots in high quality. Yes, the quality has been enhanced because Canon T3 is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera that also allows 720p HD capture which can be easily accessed through the dial. Because of the CMOS sensor present the images produced are assured to be noise-free. Its DIGIC 4 processor also adds to the preciseness of the picture because as an image is being registered into the camera’s memory it would tend to repair the image to achieve the quality everyone is looking for.
  • Shooting and sharing anywhere you are would also be one of the best thing that this new gadget could offer you. While shooting anywhere you can actually get a good preview of the captured image or video in its 6.8cm LCD screen feature paired with a sharp 230k-dot resolution and wide ranged viewing angle.
  • Beginners or pros use the system all over the world. As this Canon T3 provides you with user-friendly programs it gives every people in the community easy access on its newly added feature. The shots taken is also on its best that’s why though you are an amateur in photography it would still seem that the captured image is taken by a pro.
  • Picture styles are also present which means different presets could be set in accordance to what the user wants and how the user wants the picture to be captured.
  • EOS Movie is also one of the technologies added in order to capture the highest quality of video possible. It is composed of manual control exposure with frame rates of 30, 25 and 24 fps at full resolution and a 60 and 50 fps at 720 resolutions. Also, while in capturing video you can maintain its Full HD quality at the range of 3x-10x when magnified.

Can you now tell me who’s not going to love this? This Canon T3 is the best thing every photographer would want to have.


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