Introducing the S-Clipper from Apprentice Winner Tom Pellereau

The BBC 1 programme The Apprentice seemed to have lost its way recently, with the last couple of series producing some lack lustre finalists, one of whom left due to personal problems and another who is currently sueing for unfair dismissal. But we count the series ten winner Tom Pellereau as one of the shows highlights, as the inventor and entrepreneur has gone from strength to strength with his new found partnership as Lord Sugar’s business associate.Clipboard03

Pellereau had already got a few of his inventions tucked away and Lord Sugar was quick to spot the young mans potential when he offered him a £250,000 deal, beating off his other finalist Helen Milligan in the 2010 series finish. And his business acumen has paid off big style, as Pellereau has now bought to market another invention that is set to be a best seller in the beauty industry.

He has invented the S-Clipper, which is a nail clipper with curved, scissor-like blades, which slice rather than chop nails. The S-Clipper’s unique blades smoothly cut through fingernails or toenails with ease, making nail trimming controlled and tidy.Clipboard04

The S-Clipper costs £8.99, comes with a LIFETIME Guarantee and free sharpening, and is made from long-lasting, high quality medical-grade stainless steel.

The S-Clipper is designed to successfully combine the distinct advantages of both nail clippers and scissors into one easy-to-use, making it the ideal controlled grooming tool. It continues Pellereau’s Stylfile’s tradition of reinventing nail care classics to give you perfectly-presentable nails.

And as the S-Clipper is manufactured from stainless surgical steel, you should notice an immediate difference when using these clippers, when compared to standard nail clippers. Clipboard02Strong, sturdy and built to last, the S‑Clipper’s tough, precision blades incorporate the Stylfile’s renowned curved design to help make shaping nails an effortless task. The curved profile of the S-clipper blades provide an immediate, attractive curved shape for each nail, avoiding the jagged, unpleasant edges that usually remain after clipping.

The S-Clipper’s can even cut through false nails; and the gentle cutting technique means that the clippings drop softly and do not ping around the room. A problem cited by clipper users the world over. Stylfile’s revolutionary S‑Clipper has finally removed this anti-social side effect of nail maintenance!

Clipboard01Tom Pellereau says: “I am very excited to have extended the Stylfile range and launched the S-Clipper. So many people have mentioned the problems with conventional nail clippers and I’m so happy with how this product has developed. Not only is it easy to use, it’s incredibly strong and really made to last. Above all I wanted to provide a product that gave maximum control – something I found the standard nail clipper doesn’t. By combining the scissor and clipper benefits, there will be no excuse for unkempt nails and pesky nail clippings all over the place!”

The S-Clippers are currently on sale at Amazon, Kleeneze or Sainsburys.

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