Introducing Genome Wowser, iPad app

The Center for Biomedical Informatics, at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has made available, to the public, the first ever Genome browser iPad application.

Genome Wowser, as it will be called will enable the user to have an amazingly detailed view of the human genome right on their iPad’s screen! The app provides a functional presentation of the popular UCSC Genome Browser that is intuitive, and highly portable. The app will provide the user with an almost Google Map like navigation of the Human genome.  They will be able to zoom in to great depths and then manipulate their view pretty much anyway they like.

The Center for Biomedical develops innovative solutions to healthcare’s immediate and long-term informatics needs. They provide information-based services, apps, and learning/teaching programs to Hospital clinicians and

Genome Wowser

researchers. Their goal is to take the new technologies that they develop, and make them available for either no-cost or very low cost to those who can benefit form them most!

Argo Genome Browser

Argo Version 1.0.31 is the Program that the new Wowser app is modeled on.

The Argo Genome Browser is the Broad Institute’s production tool for visualizing and manually annotating whole genomes. This free and open source standalone Java 1.4 application provides:

  • Can be run as Applet or Webstart application as well as standalone application.
  • Interactive zoom from megabase to nucleotide resolution
  • Intuitive and elegant comparative perspective (ComBo) for viewing dot plots of multiple aligned sequences.
  • Extensive customization options
  • Editing of individual features, supporting manual annotation
  • Display of sequence and annotation tracks (from FASTA, Genbank, GFF, BLAST, BED, Wiggle (WIG), and Genscan files)

Though other genome browsers with similar feature sets exist, we believe Argo provides a more flexible and intuitive user interface.

Over the next several months and years, there will be more and more highly effective and user friendly health and medical apps appearing on the market. As prescription costs rise, and bedside manners lessen, people need more and more information, at their fingertips, literally, so that they can do as much research as possible, on their own before they even approach doctors or pharmacies.

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