Integrating Your Business with the Information Superhighway

More and more people are moving towards starting up their own business, and websites are an invaluable and unavoidable part of attracting clientele. As such, it’s important to know precisely what to expect from your professional website and what sort of standard you want to aim for.

One pitfall many new businesspeople fall into is that of wanting a high-tech website. With technical advancement a pretty constant force in the world, many companies and businesses putting up a website feel that a technical advancement communicates being on the cusp of scientific and professional developments. However, simplicity is key. A more complex website can be much more difficult to navigate. The idea of the website is to convey information about your company; customers won’t care how fancy your website is if it doesn’t provide them with the information they need in a fast and easily accessible manner. Keep it simple, classy and elegant; this will convey a sense of professionalism and of cutting to the chase.

Colour schemes should be similarly low-key, not garish or loud. A simple and recognisable logo is a must and should be repeated on your business cards and letterhead.

Try to buy a good, easily remembered URL. This will help when potential customers have heard of you and decide to look you up online. Places such as 123reg.co.uk will be able to sell you a URL for a low price. You can also count on them for the hosting of simpler websites, although depending on your needs you may want a more complicated hosting platform.

Check your email daily, even during the weekend or on holiday. Part of running your own business is dedicating an unfortunate amount of time to it, at least at first. You don’t want to miss out on client queries or possible business opportunities, and while that means you won’t have a true day off for some time it also means you’ll be ready when a chance comes your way to make money. A phone allowing you to use your email client is invaluable, especially if you’re planning to spend a holiday or a weekend away from your computer. Don’t be tempted to let your mail pile up until you’re established as a business; it will lead to frantic and unprofessional games of catch-up.

When you hire a web designer, make sure that he or she will test your website in a variety of browsers; it won’t do you any good to have a site that looks great in Firefox but crashes Internet Explorer, or displays horribly in Chrome. You want something that’s compatible with any browser clients are reasonably likely to use, and a good web designer will be prepared to cater for that need.

Integrating your new business with the World Wide Web can seem like a daunting task, but it will help you make a success of it no matter whether you’re offering a web-based service or offering to snake drains. Don’t be frightened, but jump in with both feet and enjoy the business you get as a result!

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