Nine of the Best Hot Drinks Insulated Flasks

Hot drinks insulated flasks have had a bit of a comeback in recent years. Once the domain of fisherman and granddads, now they have acquired a whole new following. With young and old alike concerned about plastic waste, it seems that old-fashioned ways of reusing good quality products are becoming popular again. As a result, hot drinks insulated flasks have regained a new customer base.

We have chosen a variety of insulated flasks for their varying features but they all keep drinks hot for at least 10 hours and cool for 12.

Mizu + Finisterre Flask, 34oz: £50

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Olympic snowboarding athlete Jussi Oksanen is the founder of company Mizu. Known as the famous Finnish Mountain Goat, Oksanen was determined to reduce the amount of plastic waste. His company makes stylish reusable gear from high-quality materials. This hot drinks insulated flask keeps coffee piping hot and is made from food-grade stainless steel.

Lakeland Thermos Super Light Direct Drink Flask, 350ml: £21.99

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Thermos is the go-to name in insulated flasks and they have redesigned a classic to be light and portable. This is not only super-lightweight but ultra-thin too. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is a delicate little thing though. It is made from strong stainless steel and features a double-wall insulation design so it is tough and will withstand a few bumps and knocks. Great for bunging in a rucksack or travel bag. Sweat-proof and leak-proof. 350ml is enough for a decent-sized mug of coffee. Available in graphite.

Red Original Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 750ml: £25

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This is listed as a water bottle but it works as a hot drinks flask just as well. And customers doled out five-star reviews across the board for performance and quality. This is another company that wanted to make an impact on plastic waste in the oceans. Keeps drinks piping hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. Leak-proof thanks to the screw cap which you can swap for the sports cap when using cold drinks.

Thermos Work Series, 1.2L: £32.95

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This really is the daddy of all insulated flasks. It holds a whopping 1.2 litres for a start, but what we love the most is that it keeps drinks hot for 24 hours, the longest of all the flasks we tested. There are a number of cool features, the twist and pour stopper which allows you to pour without removing the stopper, the exterior remains cool with hot liquids and sweat-proof with cold. And you get a five-year warranty.

Stanley Classic Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Flask, 470ml: £24.36

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You often see these thermos flasks carried by ramblers or next to fishing men. It holds a decent amount of fluid, enough for a couple of cups, and keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 15 hours. Designed for the outdoors thanks to the rust-proof stainless construction, and you can use the generously sized lid as a cup.

Hydroflask Wide Mouth Flask: £20.95

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This will be a favourite with coffee-lovers who want to ditch the take-out coffee cups from coffee houses. The mouth on this insulated flask is designed to fit under barista coffee machines so you can fill up on your favourite Java and go. The only downside was that the hot drinks remained hot for just 6 hours. But we think this is a great alternative to travel coffee cups. Comes with a lifetime warranty and lots of colours available.

Eva Solo ‘To Go’ Flask Cup, Green: £30.00

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Simple, basic, easy to use, what more do you want? This flask features double vacuum insulation and you can open it with one hand thanks to the functional click-open lid. We like the strap made from silicone which is durable and means you can carry the flask with you.

S’well Teakwood Roamer Bottle, 1.82L: £75

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Looking for something eye-catching and different? If you fancy splashing out then this is the Rolls Royce of insulated flasks from posh brand S’well. Made from a gorgeously tactile exterior of teakwood with an interior of stainless steel. This flask combines function and style. Two choices of size, 1.1L at £60 or 1.82L.

Orla Kiely 70s Oval Flower Flask, Green/Multi, 350ml: £20.00

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Talk about flasks and retro designs. This one from Orla Kiely not only uses her traditional print but the shape of the flask is reminiscent of the ’70s too. There’s nothing old-fashioned about the technology, however. Triple insulation keeps drinks scalding hot or iced cool. The lid can be used as a handy cup.

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