Using Shampoo to prevent and treat Hair Loss

Hairs are of different kinds. They have different problems and different ways for treatment. A cycle of hair growth takes two or three years to get completed. Hair strand grows more or less than a centimeter in a month. The cycle goes on something like this. In a month more than ninety percent of hair on ones scalp grows.

The remaining section enjoys a resting stage at the same time. During the last stages, that is after four or five months of the cycle the remaining ten percent which rests, falls out. Then again the cycles starts. This is a part of the cycle where a little hair will always shed off. But more than what should fall is what called hair loss.

Not only women, but men also experience hair loss. Problems should be solved at the earliest and losing hair acutely is definitely a problem. So before someone loses every strand of hair one should always try to follow the treatments which have been discussed in the section.

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During the summers, hair needs special attention. The hairs should be trimmed frequently. If hair has spilt ends then they should be got rid of. This does not help in hair growth and also checks thick mane.

Hair should always be kept in clean. With the dirt and pollution which gets stuck to the hair which leads to hair loss.

Shampoo should be done at least thrice a week and also should be conditioned. Since too much shampoo de hydrates the hair, it becomes rough and brittle.

Hair should always be washed with hot or lukewarm water. The final wash should be with cold water so that the open pore closes. Hair should always be always cleaned by shampooing.

Conditioning is the second step to shampooing. The conditioner nourishes the hair and also helps it to de tangle the hair. When combing, hair should be brushed harshly. Always thick toothed combs should be used. Wet hair should be left to dry and then combed because wet hair is soft and brittle. Hair should not be pulled, tugged or twisted with the towel.

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With the difference in life styles and also work patterns there are certain myths about hair loss which the people tend to follow.

Sun is also a factor which roughens and effect hair. The harmful rays make hair rough, dry and brittle. Just shiny hair is not good hair. If hair is strong from inside then hair will become shiny, thick and bouncy as well.

Hair strands along with its follicles should be well cleaned and well protected from the harmful rays.

o moisturisers which have a good amount sun protection factor in it are a good way to arrest hair loss. Beauticians and doctors have always suggested that when it comes to hair, skin and other parts, being natural is best way.

Chemicals, medicines and laser treatments might destroy hair permanently. Eating right, having lots of juices and other helpful things which help in hair growth is any day a better option than going for artificial means.

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