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Pacific Coast Dog Bed

The Pacific Coast Dog Bed is a canine favorite. If you have a big breed furry friend it will be forever thankful that you got this bed. The reason that it is so good for them is that it is a feather bed that it makes the dog feel cozy and comfortable. The bed is so good that you may not have to get the dog of your bed. Your dog will go directly to its bed. It can be a problem with some dog feather beds that one day when you least expect it you have feathers in the room, but you do not have to worry about that with the pacific Coast Dog Bed. The cover is made specially to prevent these kinds of issues. Another problem that is solved with this bed is the washing; it is very easy to remove the cover and it is machine washable so that your pup has many clean nights of sleep.

Anima Soft Pet House

The Anima Soft Pet House is designed to provide your pooch with a cozy feeling, and the house shape is a cute way to accomplish that. There are however a couple of things that you may want to consider when using the Anima Soft Pet House. The first thing to think about is that this bedding is not machine washable, it must be hand washed. That can be a bit of a negative for people looking for dog bedding. The second thing to think about is that this should not be your primary dog bedding. If you push on the bedding part at the bottom you will realize that it is not as comfortable as other beds, so it may be good for a nap here and there maybe for your dog to spend some time with you while you are in your home office, but you should still get it another bed.

Rush Gideon Designer Pet Round Bed

The rush Gideon Designer Pet Round Bed is one of those that will make you feel a bit envious of your dog. This bed has it all, it is comfortable, it looks great and it will make your dog feel cozy, safe and secure. There are three different sizes available so you can get one for any breed of dog. The bed also comes in five different colors to make sure that it looks great in the area where it will be. You should always check a dog bed’s comfort with your hand before buying it, and once you feel this one you will know you have the right bed. It almost looks like a cushion when you place it on its spot for the first time, but you will see as your dog sinks into the cushion with its body molded to its shape. Definitely a must buy for dog lovers.

Frontgate Chew Resistant Deluxe Dog Bed

The Frontgate Chew Resistant Deluxe Dog Bed is made for those dogs that will chew on everything. The dog bed is resistant to liquids and chewing and it is one of the most durable beds in the dog bed market. The bed is also odor resistant which may be a big plus for owners whose dog can get a little smell when it plays on the grass. Another really good thing about this bed is that you can easily take it on a road trip and your dog will always be as comfortable as it is when at home. There are beds that may be a bit more comfortable, but if you have a young dog that has destroyed its bedding before, you should keep this bed on top of your list.

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