Four of the best Deep Fryers

Single Bay- EF6L Electric Deep Fryer Counter Top

The EF6L Electric Deep Fryer Counter Top Single Bay is great for small and medium frying jobs. It has basket dimensions of 9.25”x4x4 which allow for a few portions of your favorite food. This fryer can get the job done fast; its temperatures range from 200 to 392 degrees F. A big concern with deep fryers is the cleaning process, but because its stainless steel design, the EF6L Electric Deep Fryer is actually easy to clean compared to other fryers. The fryer is durable because of its design and it will save you gas because it is fully electric. Just remember that this design is only for medium and small jobs. For bigger frying space you should try another fryer, but this one is perfect for a small family or a food location that does not focus on fried food.

Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot 30 Quart Bayou Classic 3025

The Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot from Bayou Classic 3025 is the old and effective way of frying turkey. It is great for most birds as it will take a 20 lbs. turkey without a problem. The way you keep tabs on how long a turkey should be fried for in this fryer is about 3 minutes per pound, up to 3 and a half, but no more than that. Of course you do not just have to fry turkey in this model; big quantities of other food can also be worked with. Cleaning the unit can be a bit of trouble, but a little elbow power will get the job done. The company also highly recommends an outdoor burner, but that is always the case with turkey deep fryers. Considering the price, the Bayou Classic 3025 Aluminum Turkey Fryer may be the best non electric fryer in the market.

KALORIK 4L Deep Fryer in Stainless Steel

The KALORIK 4L Deep Fryer is a home fryer and it is not big enough for a restaurant. If you want one for home use only then this is a great fryer. It has everything you want in a home appliance. The fryer is small enough that you can easily make room for it on the counter, and the pot is dishwasher safe which eliminates the trouble of cleaning a deep fryer. The results are very good, and you can get your favorite fried foods done in a quick manner. The lid prevents oil from ending everywhere on your floor and the handles are cool to the touch which also prevents most of the deep fryer accidents which happen because of hot handles. The cord will come off so it is easy to store it once you have cleaned it. The KALORIK 4L Deep Fryer is definitely perfect for the home.

Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer

The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer is the safe way to fry a turkey. Outdoor deep fryers are good in the sense that they are cheap and get the job done, however the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer takes away some of the negatives of outdoor fryers away. The Outdoor turkey fryers can be unsafe and they are outdoors, that means that you can be out in the cold trying to cook a turkey, and that is just uncomfortable. This indoor turkey fryer on the other hand is a lot safer and keeps you warm inside. You can also steam your favorite foods for healthier food and it does it great. The fryer is easy to use and easy to clean. With all those features it is easy to see how you cannot go wrong with the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer.

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