Influence of primary education

Primary and secondary education both, are very important for a student. The effect a primary school education has on an individual remains with him or her for the rest of their life. Many researches and documents are proof of this fact that a primary education is very important for a student. This is the time when the student is instilled with the basic values of humanity. The student also learns to grasp the mode of communication that is carried on through language, speech. The fundamental of science and literature is also introduced to students as separate disciplines and they get an idea of their respective influences on our lives. Primary education contributes in character development.

The contribution of elementary school

The elementary school is also a part of the primary school education. Children are sent to elementary schools so that they are prepared when they go to primary school. Elementary school teaches a child the basic things like counting, reciting and many other activities. They are allotted separate time slots for various activities. Some elementary schools even practice meditation as a tool for increasing a child’s concentration. A lot of physical activity is encourages so that Jack does not become a dull boy. Nearly every elementary school has a playground with all the basic ammeneties. It is basically a place for having fun or learning in the fun way. Children are often read out stories by the teachers, more than often with moral bends. This helps in forming an idea of what is right and what is wrong from a very early age. Kids are also encouraged to pursue activities like dancing and singing. Regular concerts are staged where the kids perform to make them stage friendly. It is the first time for many kids that they make proper friends when they go to elementary school. In a very subtle way, the elementary schools teach the children how to adapt to the world and go out and face it.

The primary school

This is the formative period of an individual’s life. It is the best time to exercise their brains and hone their skills. Students are constantly kept involved in activities which help them to do so. The pressure of studies is not that much so that the students have enough time at home as well as at school to try and understand what they like doing. Sports are compulsory for everyone for the physical well being. The school has specific timings which teach the students a sense of discipline since when going to school they fall under a routine. This continues through a student’s entire educational life. Students also interact more with teachers and learn more. They develop friends who in various cases stick on for life. All this helps a student to be a better person at the end of the day.

Thus, we can say that be it academically or not both elementary school and primary school have a lot to contribute for a child’s all over development, both mental and physical. 

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