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Philips US2 MANT510 HDTV-UHF-VHF-FM Indoor AntennaIf you have bought an indoor TV Antenna recently you know that the reception has gotten better due to TV channels going digital. The problem is that they do not always get many channels. The Antenna pros ultra-power mini indoor rotational digital HDTV antenna dish changes that.

It is like the name says very powerful in fact more powerful than most. It has a range of up to 40 miles and because of the digital signal distance does not make much of a difference to it. Like other indoor antennas you have to rotate it to get the best reception from a particular TV channel.

This antenna also has the advantage that it will work on more than one TV at the time and that can save you time and money that you would spend buying a second antenna. Use those savings toward better speakers or something snazzy to enliven your entertainment time.

The Terk HD-TVA Indoor HDTV Amplified UHF/VHF TV Antenna’s dependability depends on where you live. If you are in the city and the TV stations are close to you it will be hard to beat it, but if you are in the country you may not get much reception. The distance recommended is 2o miles, but that can be enough to keep you out of range in certain parts of the country.

If you do decide that the TV stations are close to you then the antenna will do a great job. Reception of the digital signals is great and it looks good for an indoor TV antenna. And don’t we all know it doesn’t hurt to have a little style you’re your entertainment items. Reception also depends on the way and location you place this antenna, so before you settle for a place, play around with different spots. The antenna is small enough that it can go unnoticed and it will not take a lot of space.

The Philips US2 MANT510 HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM Indoor Antenna is a moderately good antenna for the price. Because of the change to digital signal the antenna went from mediocre to actually pretty good. Of course you still have to play with angles to get the best reception, but once you have it, that reception is crystal clear.

Remember also that reception will depend mostly on the distance between you and the TV station as well as the positioning. Do not expect miracles from this antenna and you will be satisfied. You can even receive some channels that are not available with cable. The positioning of the antenna is fairly easy and so is the amplification.

If you have an HDTV, but do not want to spend money for monthly HDTV charges you may want to invest in this Antenna. You will get to watch your local HDTV without paying your cable company for it.

The RCA ANT301 – HDTV / TV / radio antenna is as basic as it gets without being rabbit ears. Sure it gets some reception, but you do have to be close to the TV station to get it and even then the signal may be in and out. The antenna works better as an FM antenna, but if you are looking for an HDTV antenna and you are not within a few miles of the transmitter you may want to spend an extra 10 dollars.

If you are however close to the TV station site then this antenna may be all that you actually need. Do not expect to get a signal past 15 to twenty miles from the signal. The antenna is small enough that it will easily fit almost anywhere and can be easily stored.

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