Indoor Picnics: Travel without Moving

Taking trips on a regular basis is a staple of every summer holiday. Picnics in the park, jaunts to the playground, and days out at a museum are invaluable to keeping kids busy and happy. But with the recent weather, not to mention other tensions keeping everyone inside, you need a viable alternative. That’s where the indoor picnic comes in.

It’s imperative that you understand you’re still taking your children somewhere, and enforcing the idea of travel without leaving the home is instrumental to convincing them of the magic involved. As such, conceive of a special place to go and consider decorating the room you’ll be picnicking in accordingly. A photo of a grassy area or even the moon would do. If you’re looking for things to occupy their time, then let them decorate themselves; a big drawing of your fantasy destination will do quite nicely in terms of setting the mood, and as they draw you can discuss with them what it will be like. Will you need space helmets? A picnic basket? Anti-wolf spray?

The more outlandish the better – the idea is to engage your child’s imagination as much as anything else. Don’t forget to leave out the crayons and paper so they can draw their adventures later. Buying large rolls of paper is both cost-effective and provides you with a large amount of paper. You can find them at print supply shops, places such as Staples and Viking or hobby shops.

Dressing accordingly is important; make sure you have plenty of boxes and bits and bats so you can let them go mad. Buying in dressing-up clothes and art materials is a great idea in any situation, but when staying in during rainy weather will be likely, it’s twice as important.

It’s always good to have some outlandish food on hand. Cutting sandwiches into exciting shapes with biscuit cutters is a wonderful idea, and yoghurt tubes can be space-food. If you buy some specialty foods like madeleines when you intend to go to Paris or spaghetti for an Italian trip, you can make sure the food is as exotic as the imaginary location.

Using the internet, you can look up facts about the destination and incorporate them into your ‘trip’ – if you buy some small ring binders you can keep a record of each and every one, and your children will be able to show off what they did to any family members or guests who might want to see. Don’t forget your digital camera, to document what is sure to become a low-cost, but unforgettable family experience. Bon voyage!

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