Indoor Activities for Rainy Summer Days

Summers haven’t been great in recent years. Unfortunately, the stereotypical British weather has been quite active in keeping us all indoors and in our raincoats throughout the summer months, with the occasional patch of sun – just enough to remind us what we’re missing! But with the children home from school, being unable to send them outside to blow off some steam in the summery sunshine puts quite the damper on your summery plans.

Luckily, there are plenty of indoor activities for you to engage your children in that will keep them happy and busy without requiring outside activity. But of course, you’ll want to be prepared to get outside the moment the sun peeks from behind a cloud. It’s well worth buying a few outdoor toys such as balls, a badminton set, and some beach toys if appropriate, and packing a big bag of fun activities. Keep it in the boot of your car or by the door so you can just grab and go when there’s a moment of lovely weather. Tuck a few bills in there, too, and you’ll be sure you can afford a tasty treat or admission to a park somewhere.

Cooking is an amazing activity for children. As they love doing anything that involves activities usually performed by adults, cooking is an excellent way to grab and keep their imaginations and their attention. A fresh summer salad, chopped fruit in a juicy syrup, fairy cakes or even your ordinary dinner – they can get right in there. Your kitchen may be a bit messier than usual by the time the food is on the table, but it is truly the sort of experience children thrive on, and you can teach them a valuable lesson about healthy eating as you go along.

Paying a few bob for art supplies is never a waste of money. Why not buy a couple of cheap canvases, cover your living room floor or kitchen table in newspapers and letting your little artists loose to create their next masterpiece?

Building a fort out of sheets and sofa cushions doesn’t sound like something an adult should be doing. Or does it? Getting involved in this project can be amazingly fun for children and adults, and doesn’t require you to make any purchases. Cleanup doesn’t tend to take long either, and for an extra summery touch you can have a picnic inside the fort as soon as it’s done!

There are plenty of fun summer activities that can be saved for a rainy day. If you think creatively you can keep your little ones busy while you all wait for the sun to come out and allow you all to take a trip outside!

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