Incredible Halloween Costumes for 2015

Halloween is your one chance to dress up in outrageous costumes, with a nod to any particular historical era, movie or musical genre, or career. It’s a time to let your imagination run wild whilst taking inspiration from the news, the internet and social media.

If you are making your own costume, why not look into the biggest viral internet stories, such as the blue/gold dress and create a dress of two colour halves.

Or how about the biggest YouTube sensation ever – Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent? This video clip has been viewed over 350 million times.

If you cannot decide on a suitable costume, then worry not, we’ve gone to PartyCity.com and showcased the best they have to offer in a range of categories:


Adult Marge Simpson – $39.99

Marge Simpson

Features the iconic dress, blue wig and necklace to instantly transform you into Marge. All you need now is the squeaky voice.

Adult Minion – $39.99

Adult Minion

Includes the dress which features a denim overall with a yellow long sleeved tee shirt stitched to it, goggles, socks and gloves.

Mrs Incredible – $39.99

Mrs Incredible

Includes the whole jumpsuit and the mask and the longer length gloves.

Sassy Stormtrooper – $59.99

Sassy Stormtrooper

Outfit includes the jumpsuit, white helmet and white utility belt.

Adult Mad Hatter Costume – $49.99

Adult Mad Hatter Costume

Outfit features a delightfully mad dress in contrasting patterns, a purple jacket, an oversized bowtie, mini top hat, thigh length miss matched socks and blue glovelettes.


Flapper Costume ‘20’s – $49.99

Flapper Costume ‘20’s

Features a flapper dress with headband and cigarette holder. The feather boa can be bought separately.

Bugsy Gangster Costume – $34.99

Bugsy Gangster Costume

Outfit includes pinstripe waistcoat and trousers, the tie and wrist cuffs. Note the hat is sold separately.

Grand Heritage ‘50’s Pink Poodle Dress – $79.99

Grand Heritage ‘50’s Pink Poodle Dress

Includes a pink A-line skirt with a black petticoat, white retro blouse and a black belt, black neck scarf, bobby sox, and black sunglasses.

‘60’s San Francisco Hippie Costume – $54.99

‘60’s San Francisco Hippie Costume

Includes super wide bell-bottom pants with a matching shirt in textured burgundy velvet and a coordinating brown fringed vest. The afro wig is available to buy separately.


Stop Traffic Sexy Cop – $49.99

Stop Traffic Sexy Cop

Outfit features a tight fitting navy catsuit with a crisp collar, cuffed sleeves and center-front zipper with a silver badge pull tab. There is a police cap with silver badge decoration, faux leather gloves and a functional belt with an adjustable leg strap holster.

Blast Off Sexy Astronaut Costume – $49.99

Blast Off Sexy Astronaut Costume

This super sexy costume is out of this world and features a stretch jumpsuit with metallic blue accents, a black utility belt with attached suspenders, and stretch boot covers.

Fired Up Fireman – $49.99

Fired Up Fireman

This sexy costume includes a black tight fitting stretchy jumpsuit with matching fingerless gloves and a reflective belt.

Bustin’ Out Prisoner Costume – $29.99

Bustin’ Out Prisoner Costume

Featuring a mini skirt with matching cropped sleeveless top in black and white stripes, an attached collar and a seductive cutout in the front. Complete the look with the striped pillbox hat.


Zoolander and Mugatu costumes – $54.99 each

Zoolander and Mugatu costumes

Get ready to rock your best pose on the walk off with these great costumes from the TV film Zoolander. Costing $54.99 each, the Zoolander one features a burgundy suit with a matching jacket and pants and a wig, whereas the Mugatu outfit includes a shirt and a corset with the white wig and goatee beard.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Couples costume – $39.99

Peanut Butter and Jelly Couples costume

Two halves for the price of one in this super fun Halloween costume. One half is the peanut butter and the other the jelly. The costumes include two tunic designed to look like the shape of a slice of bread.

Adult Plug and Socket costume – $44.99

Adult Plug and Socket costume

Sparks will definitely fly when you pop this electrifying costume on! Features one black and white socket costume tunic and a white plug costume with cord.

Star Trek Couples costume – Uhura $49.99 – Spock $29.99

Star Trek Couples costume

You’ll certainly live long and prosper when you put these costumes on, they are a must for any Trekkie. The Uhura costume features a red dress with attached insignia, and the Spock outfit includes a long sleeved blue shirt with the same insignia.

All images courtesy PartyCity.com and all costumes available from PartyCity.com

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