Increase Website Traffic With These Steps

You’ve heard about all these people who are virtually raking in the dollars through their online site and they don’t even have to do much to maintain it. You want to catch a bit of this action but are just not sure how to go about it. You’ve built a decent site, set up the things that you need to but now what? How can you get any income off of the site if you aren’t getting many visitors? Here are a few things you may want to consider when working to get people to notice your site.

Consider Content First

If you haven’t already had your website attached to a blog now is a fantastic opportunity to do so. In order to get more traffic to a site you need to consider how traffic gets to any site. First of all, people go to a search engine and type in what they are looking for. If your site has content that is relevant to this search it may be pulled up. But there are some things to be considered about what kind of articles you are putting up. First of all, to get your site to be consistently pulled up in different searches you are going to want to have a steady, fresh supply of original content that is pertinent to the site. Next it couldn’t hurt to have some keywords in these articles.

SEO And What It Means In Regards To Keywords

If you’ve started reading anything about driving traffic to your site you have probably heard of SEO you may even have a bit of an idea as to what it means. There are some things you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re looking for ways to get more traffic to your site and are considering using keywords. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Say a person heads to their computer and types in ‘Cure for Fleas,’ articles that have these words in them will be pulled up as relevant. So if you have a website that promotes different pet related products this is a great keyword phrase to work with, especially in fall when fleas are rampant.

Ethics Surrounding SEO

There are considered to be three categories of SEO, they are white hat, black hat and grey. These terms are used to indicate the manner that people choose to use the keywords. Black hat is not considered ethical and will get your site black listed when you are caught. It entails encrypted pages that are full of nothing but a key phrase and it may have nothing to do with what your site actually promotes.

White hat is much more appropriate. This is when a site is full of ‘organic’ content that is rich with information and is thoroughly applicable to the site that it is being hosted on. This is what gets visitors to come back often, share your site with friends and view you as a credible source. This is considered the ideal for advertising.

 Grey hat is what is most commonly used to generate traffic to a site. This is when a site uses genuine articles that have phrases in them that are being searched online frequently that apply to both the site and the articles. This term would be used to refer to the ‘cure for fleas’ article and site that was discussed above. There are different sites and companies that can help you discover high traffic phrases that are relevant to the site that you’re looking to promote. You’ll want to use this to further develop your plan on getting more visitors. 

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