Improve Your Body Relaxation With Home Massagers

If you are on your feet all day what can be better than a foot and calf massage waiting for you at home? The 3Q Foot and Calf Massager does just that. While some massagers will give you excellent foot relaxation, 3Q’s version also does your calf. If you are on your feet all day, and you try the 3Q massager you will instantly be a fan. It is small enough that you can use it in any room in your house and just big enough that it will massage the entire area. Feet, calves and ankles are all massaged to perfection with the 3Q massager. Another thing to like is that the design makes it easy to use in different angles, even if you want to massage your feet while lying down. The best part is the price, other massagers can go for four times the price and will not do any more than this one.

The OSIM uSqueez pro Foot Massager is one of the foot and ankle massagers that will give you everything you can possibly want in a massager of its type. It does feel great and it is designed to give the most relaxing massage to your calves ankles and feet. The massager is great for almost everyone; we say almost everyone because people with weakness on their feet or bones may find the squeeze to be a little tight. It is also a bit too heavy to be carried by everyone or moved from one room to the other. But people who do not have those problems will find it to be one of the best options in the market. So why would anyone not go with this massager? The price. The fact is that though the massager is excellent and no one can dispute that, it is really over-priced. You can get something that is really similar for a lot less money. If money is not an objection the massager will not disappoint.

There are many back massagers out there, but if you want to talk about the good ones then Hammacher Schlemmer has one of the best. Their Custom Fit Back Massager does the same job a professional would do. First of all it knows how high or how low to go after scanning the entire back. The scan also collects information on body curves and height, which means that you will get a massage for your back and not for the average height or curves. The movements of the heads feel very natural and that is something that puts it ahead of others. Of course you can direct your massage to a particular area with the manual control. Massage control and intensity are controlled by you; Hammacher Schlemmer definitely got one of the best massagers in the market.

If you are in need of a specialized massage or some heat on your back then there is the i-need Heated back massager. This massager is a great buy for those interested in the acupressure principles. It seems to know exactly where to go and it will fit almost any chair. How many shiatsu massagers can you really take anywhere? Well at least this one. It is so easy to carry that no matter where you go, it can go with you. It is comfortable and priced at a very reasonable amount. This massager is only a back massager so it will not go as low as others, but that should not stop you from getting it if you sit all day long at work. It is quieter than other massagers and should get you feeling better in no time. 

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