Improve Productivity to Improve your Business

Having an efficient and productive workforce is a vital determining factor in the success or failure of a business.

Hire the Right People

Employee competency is a large part of workplace productivity. It is important to choose the right staff for your organisation and then place these staff in the correct functions. There are several companies online that provide personality tests and they give full instructions on how to administer these. It is vital to take the extra time to get the right staff in the first place and, unfortunately, you cannot always tell who will be a good fit during the interview when everyone is on their best behaviour.

Have a Great Human Resource Program

A Human Resource Department is typically in charge of staffing issues from the hiring of staff right through to the development of staff. If you get this wrong, it can have a seriously negative impact on productivity. You need to have people in place that can properly motivate staff to achieve their full potential and who can weed out the bad apples. This is a position that requires a great deal of people management skills. The people in this position can make or break your company. People in HR need to have good time management skills, training skills and organisational skills and need to be able to communicate these skills to the entire staff. They also need to be able to identify problem behaviour and quash it.

Keep Employee Morale Up

It is a simple fact of life – if your staff are not happy, they will not perform as well. As much as you would want to say that they should be professional, people do not generally keep their emotions out of their work. Customers quickly pick up if the staff members are unhappy. Morale is a difficult thing to get right. You need to build up the team so that the various staff members work together as a team. You need to ensure that team building exercises are fun and useful. If they impinge too much on the employee’s personal time, the employees will begin to feel resentful. You also need to ensure that employees are treated fairly.

Disciplinary procedures and staff complaints should be dealt with in a respectful manner. The best way to improve staff morale is by letting staff see that you do listen to their concerns seriously and that you will treat them fairly. If you can get these three issues right, you will find that you have a company that is hyper-efficient with employees that are truly happy and contributing to your success.

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