Imperial War Museum Debut New Utility Kitchen Range

The Imperial War Museum have always been dedicated to recording people’s experiences of modern conflict, exploring the causes of war and its impact on people’s lives. Their collections are made up of the everyday and the exceptional, and are drawn from people of all walks of life. They reflect the total nature of war and reveal stories of people, places, ideas and events. The IWM shops provide the opportunity to buy unique and inspiring gifts based on this diverse collection and every purchase supports the work of the IWM. This new collection of Utility Kitchen Range feature ration cook books, iconic tea caddies, tea towels and of all things – fire buckets! Have a look at our favourites in the meantime.

Ration Tea in a Tin – £5.99

Ration Tea in Tin During the Second World War food ration books for every man, woman and child came into use on the 8 January 1940. Rationing continued on some items until June 1954. This tin contains one week’s loose tea ration from 1940. Could you survive on the tea ration? I know I couldn’t! I drink about 10 cups a day!

The Ration Book Diet by Mike Brown, Carol Harris & C.J. Jackson – £9.99

Devised during the dark days of the Second World War, the wartime diet’s low-fat, high fibre and sensibly sized portions meant that the British population enjoyed a level of health and fitness unsurpassed since 1945. Using the wartime diet as a model, sixty recipes have been specially created to enable you and your family to eat more healthily. Some are taken straight from Second World War cookery books, with only minor adjustments to suit the 21st century palate. For the most part, however, new dishes have been created using the same range of rationed ingredients available during the war. Created by a cookery specialist and checked by a dietitian, these original recipes and variations have been combined to produce a weekly meal plan for all the family, plus recipes for treats and special occasions and some helpful advice on what to do with leftovers. In addition, a series of physical fitness routines have been drawn and adapted from wartime sources.

Ration Book Canvas Bag – £7.99

During the Second World War food ration books for every man, woman and child came into use on the 8 January 1940. Rationing continued on some items until June 1954. This canvas shopper bag is based on wartime food ration books. Instead of buying a plastic bag for life, why not invest in one of these canvas ones? This purchase will go towards helping the Imperial War Museum record and collate individual experiences and collections from all aspects of warfare.

Housewives! Tea Towel – £4.99

This fun tea towel features a poster from the collection of the Imperial War Museum extolling housewives to “Please Finish Travelling by 4 O’clock”. The full text reads “Housewives! Please finish travelling by 4 o’clock and leave the buses, trams and trains free for war workers” Made from 100% cotton.

Cream Egg Bucket – £9.99

Need somewhere to put your free range eggs? Search no more. This egg basket would add some vintage chic to any kitchen. And you know your money is going to a great cause.

Marmite Mug – £8.99

You’ll either love or hate this mug! See what I did there? A lovely mug featuring an iconic brand, sure to add vintage chic to any kitchen. Available in a variety of colours, these porcelain mugs are dishwasher safe. Available in lilac blue, dark green, light green, pink & light blue.

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