“I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright – An Allergy Free Cook Book

I'm Hungry - Tanya Wright

Lots of people suffer from allergies these days and have problems finding good food without the specific things in them that they are allergic to. The beauty of this book is that it has been written by someone who herself is severely allergic to milk and eggs, so who better to write an allergy free cook book than her! If you or a family member or friend have allergies or intolerances it’s a must read as it is filled with useful tips about how to replace egg, how to bake without wheat and dairy etc. There is also information on lifestyle issues and feeding fussy eaters, with detailed information on how to replace key ingredients. In an A5 spirally bound glossy cookbook with 66 colour plates of sweet & savoury everyday family recipes that are very easy to prepare, you’ll find that all recipes are free from milk (dairy & lactose), egg, soya, wheat & gluten (rye, barley, & oats).

Tanya Wright

Tanya Wright is a Specialist Consultant dietitian with a BSc (hons) MSc Allergy qualification. She works within Buckinghamshire NHS Healthcare Trust with both adults and children, and at St Thomas’ and Guys Hospital in the Paediatric Allergy Service in London. Her roles include coordinating the allergy service, managing her clinical dietetic workload including performing skin prick testing and diagnostic diets and to organise and deliver the food challenge services. She provides information and resources on allergy for other healthcare professionals within and outside the Trust nationally. This book has been designed very much with children in mind with very bright and colourful pictures inside and every recipe is complimented with a lovely picture of the dish. The recipes themselves are very simple to prepare and include such classics as sausages on sticks, hummus, fish pie, chicken kebabs, ‘Leekalicious’ Mash, and creamy pasta rub shoulders with more unusual items as cakes and desserts such as Cornflake Crunch Cake. Millionaire’s shortbread, Gingerbread families, Scones, Rice pudding. What’s more the book is spiral bound and printed on tough wipeable paper so is very easy to clean and will be able to withstand years of continued use.

All recipes are coded not only for allergy but for High protein, High Energy, High Iron and High Calcium and there are some useful allergy tips and a conversion chart at the back of the book.

The book costs £9 + £1.50 P&P and you can get it by sending your name, address and email address, along with a cheque for £10.50, to Tanya Wright, 106, High Street, Great Missenden, Bucks HP16 OBE – or you could email Tanya here.

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