I’m A Celebrity 2013 Line-up for 2013 revealed

The long anticipated line-up for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here has been revealed, and amongst the intrepid stars are Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, TOWIE reality star Joey Essex, and TV broadcaster and presenter Matthew Wright. But who else will be joining these fearless three in the jungle?


Well we have Kian Egan, 33, a former member of the boyband Westlife. Kian is married to wife Jodi so there’s little chance of any romance whilst he’s in the camp, but the reason he signed up is apparently because he wants to get a little more known on TV. Kian is not looking forward to time spent without his son: “Without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest thing is going to be being away from my boy.”

Kian Egan © ITV/PA Wire

Kian Egan

Regular readers of a certain age will remember the next contestant, none other than snooker champion Steve Davis, 56. Steve has won more professional titles than any other player, so why does he feel the need to enter the jungle: “Like many viewers, I would like to know, faced with a plate of animal innards or a cockroach-filled space helmet, whether I could handle it,” he added: “My biggest fear actually is not being able to stop swearing!”

Steve Davis © ITV/PA Wire

Steve Davis

Next up is Eastenders favourite actress Laila Morse, 68. Laila is a fan of reality programmes, and has previously appeared on an episode of Celebrity Come Dine With Me as well as appearing in last year’s Dancing On Ice. Laila’s main reason to join her fellow jungle mates is because she hopes to lose some weight. Laila reckons she will be the mum of the camp, and says: “I hope I am a shoulder to cry on.” But she won’t stand for any silly girls: “with screechy voices who go ‘ee, ee’ all the time.”

Laila Morse © ITV/PA Wire

Laila Morse

Another soap opera star that is entering the jungle is Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter, 36, who plays Chas Dingle in the ITV soap. Lucy said that it was a spur of the moment decision to fly to Australia and take part, so let’s hope she doesn’t regret it. She says: “It’s good to make myself do something I would not normally do.” We expect Lucy to be the new Myleene Klass of 2013, as she has supposedly bought in three bikinis. There’ll be no romance for Lucy however, as she’s engaged with a daughter.

Lucy Pargeter © ITV/PA Wire

Lucy Pargeter

I’m a Celebrity wouldn’t be the show that is it without a huge star from the US, and this year sees Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star, Alfonso Ribeiro, 42 joining his UK counterparts. Alfonso played Carlton Banks in the US sitcom, where he starred alongside Will Smith. Alfonso says that he hasn’t seen much of the programme, which he reckons is probably a good thing, and he added that he: “accepted the offer because it was a chance to conquer some fears of mine.”

Alfonso Ribeiro © ITV/PA Wire

Alfonso Ribeiro

The eye-candy is provided by Amy Willerton, 21, the Miss Universe GB model who, it is rumoured, has a bit of a thing for Joey Essex. The Miss Universe contestant is taking part in the programme because she would “absolutely love” a career in television, and thinks that she is “at the right age” with “the world is an oyster for me right now”. And the thought of wearing little make-up doesn’t seem to faze the model, as she stated: “It will be nice, though, to strip back, wear no make-up and be completely natural.”

Amy WIllerton © ITV/PA Wire

Amy WIllerton

Fan of a certain Royal Wedding will be interested to learn that one of the designers of Princess Diana’s wedding dress is taking part. David Emanuel, 60, has had a pretty rough time recently, having just beaten prostate cancer, he feels that now is the time to attempt anything: “Had I not had those tests, I might not be here. What is there to lose?” He added: “It’s not going to be Vogue Magazine! But I will give it a shot. I don’t see the point of not giving it all a go.”

David Emmanuel © ITV/PA Wire

David Emmanuel

Outspoken talk show host Matthew Wright, 48 says he is entering the jungle to help him with a few phobias, which include spiders and heights. Matthew said: “I am quite a fearful person underneath my tough, journalistic exterior. I have to put a stop to it and this is my decision.” And he has been to see a professional, in an attempt to help with his fears: “A mate of mine is an amateur arachnologist and he has given me a link to an animated film that is apparently very good at helping people with their fear of spiders – I am going to give that a go.”

Matthew Wright © ITV/PA Wire

Matthew Wright

Our Olympic champion next, Rebecca Adlington, 24, did want to take part in Strictly Come Dancing, but decided instead to opt for the jungle. Rebecca won two Olympic golds in Beijing and a further two bronze in London, but fears snakes so this could be her biggest challenge yet. She said: “The daunting thing for me is the mixture of everything – you are starving, not sleeping very well and trying to cope with the boredom.” The star swimmer also admits to being claustrophobic, so hopefully she won’t have to take part in any trial involving small spaces.

Rebecca Adlington © ITV/PA Wire

Rebecca Adlington

Finally, TOWIE reality star Joey Essex, 23 is keen to make an impression on any pretty females in the jungle. But his obsession with cleanliness might a problem, as he said: “Even if I touch a dog or a cat, I wash my hands. My reactions are going to be heightened in the jungle for sure!” Joey reckons that his role on the camp will be one of the joker, but he is hoping for some ‘eye-candy’, to take his mind off the tasks: “I’m single at the moment. If there was a nice girl in there and I got on really well with her, who knows what would happen?!”

Joey Essex © ITV/PA Wire

Joey Essex

Images : © ITV/PA Wire

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