Ikea’s new collection ‘AVSIKTLIG’ the most colourful to date


If bold, bright, vibrant primary colours are your thing, perhaps you should head over to Ikea and check out their latest range.

The AVSIKTLIG Collection might not seem like your typical Ikea range, but amongst the clean and functional lines that incorporate practical pieces of furniture are playful patterns that bring together the past and the modern.


AVSIKTLIG is a collaboration between three young Ikea designers and the infamous design collective called 10-gruppen.  10-gruppen are renowned for bold prints, in fact the designs from the Ikea AVSIKTLIG collection are in part homage to the famous fabric collection by the collective from back in the 1970’s.


“10-gruppen represents the very best of Scandinavian design history – democratic ideals, aesthetic innovation and an unbeatable feeling for materials. Their design style has not aged a second; it’s youthful, radical and as bold today as it was in the Seventies,” says Marcus Engman, Design Manager.


Applied to modern-styled furniture the effect is instant. The match between the colourful patterns which include geometric shapes, cartoonish scribbles and brash splashes of colour, gives the collection a retro feel that manages to fuse a bygone era with the contemporary.

The collection features a number of different items, including bedding, rugs, fabrics, mugs, plates, cushions and tableware.


“This is a particularly exciting collaboration for us because it draws from our Scandinavian graphic tradition and reinvents the designs for today’s customer,” says Janice Simonsen, an Ikea design spokesperson.

You might have noticed that in this collection three colours in particular feature prominently, this was intentional on the part of the designers:


“I wanted to create a ‘classic’ 10-gruppen collection, featuring patterns people recognise as well as new favourites. The collection comprises three colour groups: emerald green, ultra-marine blue and lemon yellow with black and white elements. This makes it easy to combine the different patterns in an interior,” says Tom Hedqvist – 10-gruppen.

The collection is out now and prices range from 95p for napkins, £3.50 for cushion covers and rattan armchairs for £95.

You can view the collection here.



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