Ikea’s Brazilian TILLFÄLLE Collection the best ever?


Ikea has a sound reputation for innovation and fresh ideas, but their latest collection has certainly raised the standard for homewares.

The TILLFÄLLE collection is a line of pieces, all designed for home interiors, which celebrate Brazilian culture.

It uses the vibrancy and carnival atmosphere of Brazil, and mixes this with Scandinavian style to create a bold collection, full of bright prints and pop out colour.

Ikea describe the collection as ‘bold patterns, mixed colours and Scandinavian minimalism.’

The TILLFÄLLE collection features jungle-themed cushions, zebra-inspired rugs and plates, stylish bowls and plates.

There’s also seriously sophisticated furniture, including leather backed stools and cabinets in bold colours.


The great thing about this collection is not only the energetic prints and shades, but the mashing of styles.

You wouldn’t think that the Scandinavian basic lines and no frills attitude to their products would work at all with the blaze of prints and colours of Brazil, but somehow it does.

It may be that because the fabrics and prints are so outlandish they require a minimalistic setting to really show them off. Anything too complicated and over-detailed would ruin the look.

Ikea’s Creative Leader, Mette Nissen, explains the premise behind the collection:

“Even though there are many similarities between Scandinavian and Brazilian design and architecture, it is the differences in the Brazilian way of life that IKEA wants to celebrate.”

With the majority of the homeware collection retailing at under $50, and some great retro furniture, it was pretty easy to select our favourite stand-out pieces.

Lamp Shade – $12.99

This brightly coloured shade will add a burst of vibrancy to any home.tillfalle-lamp-shade-assorted-12 99

Cushion Covers – $5 each

Mix and match your cushions with a choice of either patterned or plain fabric.

tillfalle-cushion-cover 5.00

Occasional Table – $159.00

The coloured slats on the top move around so that you can create your own colour display.

tillfalle-occasional-table-assorted-colors_ 159.00

Flat Woven Rug – $69.99

These rugs feature the same pattern on both sides, meaning that you get double the life out of them.

rug 69.99

Cabinet – $329.00

Features sliding doors so that you can choose what to display and what to hide.

329 cabinet

Coffee Table – $119.00

An easy to assemble table that will give your living space a cool retro vibe.

tillfalle-coffee-table-assorted- 119

Bowls – $3.99 each

Beautifully charming bowls that you can use for both eating and serving from.

tillfalle-bowl-assorted-colors__0374756_PE552982_S4 3.99

Cushion Covers – $5.00

Transform your room easily by turning over these covers and revealing the different pattern.

tillfalle-cushion-cover-black__0374801_PE552955_S4 5.00

Plates – $3.99 each

Earthenware with a difference, these highly polished plates come in a variety of stunning colours.

tillfalle-plate-assorted-colors__0374753_PE552979_S4 3.99

Pre-cut Fabric – $14.99

Over 48m2 of brightly coloured fabric to use in whatever way you like.tillfalle-pre-cut-fabric__0374804_PE552957_S4 14.99

The TILLFÄLLE Collection is a Limited Edition and available in stores from March 20.

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