IKEA are NOT selling an $86,500 Flat-Pack Home


There has been a lot of speculation about Ikea’s involvement with a new flat-pack home that costs $86.500 recently. The reports that Ikea are selling and will build it for you are false, as Ikea stated on their website:

“IKEA has not launched and is not selling prefabricated homes in the United States. Any reports saying otherwise are not accurate.”

What has happened is that an Oregon-based architects called Ideabox have created the flat-pack home and have furnished it with Ikea furniture.


The Aktiv is a flat-pack house created by Ideabox that is eco-friendly and the first in a series that offers practical living spaces, making use of every corner and multi-tasking in many areas.

According to Jim Russell, president of Ideabox, the complete home ‘brings all the fun and design of Ideabox houses together with all the function, design, and personality of Ikea’.


Interiors designers from Ikea worked in close collaboration with Ideabox to fit out the flat-pack homes so that they used the best available space.  Once finished it was displayed at the most recent Portland Home & Garden Show.

Inside all the flat-pack homes are state-of-the-art appliances, such as dishwashers, counter-depth refrigerators, induction cooktop and convection ovens. Every flat-pack home sold will come fully furnished with these same items from Ikea.


The flat-pack home has been designed to maximise but not waste space, and is constructed using a combination of fiber-cement, corrugated metal, and a standing-seam metal roof.

It measures 53ft long and 14ft wide and consists of a living area, kitchen and dining area and a bedroom with en-suite bathroom and toilet. There is Ikea Tundra maple flooring throughout, and the bedroom is fitted with Pax wardrobes and Abstrakt cabinets. There is also a double-sink in the bathroom.


And if you are worrying that you might be tasked with putting the whole thing together, fear not: “For those of us IKEA fans, the pure delight of walking and imagining our way through an IKEA store quickly turns to the daunting task of assembly when we get home,” Ideabox’s website says. “Not a worry… When your [home] arrives, all of the cabinets, countertops, and flooring are installed… it’s like the best of everything!”

Eco-flats have already taken off in Europe and some parts of the UK and the  Aktiv, which is Swedish for active, is being marketed to the Pacific Northwest as ‘your own personal Euro designer flat… only where you want it!’

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