If You Want to Look Like Cheryl Cole Should You Visit Stylist Pick?

Now in the British public’s eyes, Cheryl Cole can do no wrong. I mean, even when Simon Cowell thought she was doing wrong on the US version of the X Factor, even the US audiences took to her and proved that she could have been a success over there as well as here. So it is with much hesitation that I try to understand exactly what her input into StylistPick is and whether it justifies the huge cost of the shoes. For instance, the ‘Cheryl Cole’ Shoe Collection for S/S12 start from £79.90 and go up to £119.85, hardly a cheap option for her many fans, most of whom I suspect are teenagers or younger adults. Now as far as I can make out, what Cheryl does is ‘choose’ the shoes from a selection given to her; she does not design them, she does not have a hand in designing them, nor does she, in all honesty, probably ever wear them out of the studio from which the promotion pictures were photographed. So what is the actual connection between Cheryl and these expensive designer heels apart from the fact that they and her appear on this one particular website? Not much I would presume. So if you really want to look like Cheryl Cole, I would suggest that you pay attention to what she wears when she is out and about, see if she is wearing high street affordable clothes that many celebrities do these days, and perhaps not go to these sites where their input is minimal. Unless you actually love the shoes that is, some of the ones featured are really lovely, but to buy them simply because you think Cheryl is wearing them out in the streets is a little far fetched and misguided. Personally, I wouldn’t pay £80 odd quid for shoes, maybe for a nice pair of leather boots, but not shoes. Anyway, in the interests of fairness, we are showcasing some of the best pairs from the site. But seriously ladies, if you want to look like a stylish icon, go to TK Maxx and invent your own style.

Flying Saucers – £79.90

Double Strap T Bar Sandal – With a shoe this beautiful, you can just keep the rest of your outfit very neutral. ‘I’m wearing mine with a very plain white ensemble.’

Fruit Salad – £119.85

Colour Block T Bar Sandal – ‘I love the detail on this sandal – the tan and coral go beautifully’. Indulge yourself in the pastel trend this season; mix all together for that fruit salad look.

Candy Sticks – £119.85

Toe Cap Bow Detail Ankle Boot – ‘It’s such a chic ankle boot, I’m wearing mine with a casual ensemble comprising frayed cut offs, and a slouchy light knit jumper.’ (Do you honestly think Cheryl said this?!)

Humbug – £119.85

Croc Panel Ankle Boot – ‘The buttersoft kid suede in this light fudge colour makes this a perfect match to any outfit. For me, denim cut offs are a summer staple and these are the perfect accompaniment.’ Hmm, or this? Bah humbug more like!

Mojo – £119.85

Colour Block T Bar Sandal – I’ll be wearing my Mojos with a simple top, fitted crop jacket along with this season’s silky pajama style trousers, and a red belt to pick out the colour in the shoe. Me too.

Pink Shrimp – £79.90

Featyre Platform Court Shoe – This looks amazing with a 60s-cut mini dress, in a neutral colour like dark amber. Add a gold wide belt to pick out the metallic details. The platform gives height, but with comfort. Remember to paint your toes!

Fizz Bomb – £119.85

Tassle Glitter Wedge – Can’t believe these are £120 for a basic cork wedge heel. ‘Wear with everything! The neutral chocolate colour means you can wear it with any colour, and for those who dare to wear wild prints!’

For more information visit http://www.stylistpick.com/

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