Ideas for Work at Home Dads

Many websites feature career ideas for work at home moms. The fact that society has changed and that there are now just as many stay at home dads as moms is largely ignored. Although women are traditionally the home-makers, more and more men are staying home to look after the house while their wives go to work. If you are a stay at home dad, have been retrenched or are simply looking for an extra source of income, these tips will help you:

Selling Products Online

You can choose to market products for others online. This can be done through affiliate marketing – referring business and getting a cut for it. You can also sell actual products online – those made by you and those made by others.

Become a Consultant

What expertise do you have? If you market yourself properly, you will be able to pick up business from people who are need of your skills.

Start a Repair Business

Do you have a talent for fixing things such as radios or cars? Build a business out of your garage. You can use your hobby to create a great business for yourself.

Direct Sales

There are several very good direct sales companies out there. Consider them carefully. Are there people in your social circle that you could sell to? Give it some thought and identify possible sales opportunities. Then choose the best possible direct sales opportunity for you.

Consider Running a Day Care

You can make extra money by looking after children in the neighbourhood. Just ensure that you check on any legal requirements in terms of running a day care in your area.

Begin a Network Marketing Business Online

With the technology available nowadays, it is possible to build up a successful network completely online. There are a number of network marketing opportunities available online and the internet makes building and managing your team simple.

Register with a Freelance Job Site

There are so many people looking for online workers that you will be able to make a full-time living online. Just keep in mind that it is as important to maintain a good reputation online as it is to maintain it in the real world. There are a lot of ways for a stay at home dad to make extra money and, if you are creative, you will find several of them.

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