iCoffee: The gizmo that holds your phone and your cup

uppercupA Dutch company has come up with what could be the ultimate gadget for coffee lovers. But, we have to say, it could be an accident waiting to happen.

Design firm Natwerk is now looking for funding on the investment-raising website indiegogo for the gizmo it is calling the Uppercup.

Set to go on sale later this year if Natwerk is successful, Uppercup is expected to cost £21.

Its designers say they came up with the device after seeing people struggle to text while drinking their morning cuppa.

Company spokesman Kristian van Kuijk said: “We thought it would really be handy, especially for people who text, Twitter or Facebook a lot while drinking coffee. It wouldn’t work if you use your phone for calling, but you won’t be needing two hands then either.”

In its fundraising pitch, Natwerk says: “No more one-handed typing. No more spilling coffee on your lap. It will leave your hands free for your optimal texting, gaming and social networking pleasure. Ever since the first smartphone came to the market we all have been waiting for Uppercup, the first cupholder for the iPhone. Together we can change the world with this revolutionary product.”

We’re not sure about changing the world or, indeed, about having our coffee anywhere near our expensive gadgets but Natwerk coffeecertainly has a history of success, having created products previously for the likes of O’Neill, Sourcy and Puma.

And, clearly, they have spotted a gap in the market for the product. Natwerk must have been inspired by watching people rushing to work grasping their takeout coffee from Starbucks or Costa, while trying to use their mobile.

Anyone who pledges £15 for the iPhone 4 version of the gizmo and £18 for the iPhone 5 device, will get the Uppercup when production is finished, which its makers hope will be in April.

The company is urging those who are excited about the new product “to make noise about our campaign” even if they can’t afford to contribute.

And Natwerk is obviously brimming with enthusiasm. “We like to make magic happen for all sorts of brands, big and small,” it says. iphone“Together with our pool of experts, we help them to get noticed and make friends. Making sure they not only talk the talk, but really walk the walk. We believe there’s only one way to do this: Be original, create the right vibe and leave a big smile.”

It certainly seems as if there is a market to tap into if the number of apps for coffee lovers is anything to go by. There’s Barista, which helps you make professional-standard coffee at home, Coffee Order which helps you remember what colleagues want if you’re saddled with the coffee run at work and Beanhunter which is designed to seek out coffee shops across the world.

We’ll just have to wait and see if those who love their coffee, but can’t put down their iPhones, decide this is the gizmo for them.

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