iCloud is Coming

MobileMe is on the way out. With all of a sudden shifts and upgrades in social media, cloud storage, and multiple smart devices being carried and used by more and more people everyday, it simply cannot keep up.

iCloud gives you all of your content in one place, and everywhere else you need and want it, all at the same time.

iCloud really pushes the limits of computing, as we know it, but is far more than a giant invisible storage unit on the Web somewhere.  iCloud allows you to have access to everything you want and need.  It stores your content so it’s always accessible from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac. It gives you your music, your photos, and well, pretty much everything. iCloud does it all for you. Never has something free been worth so much!  That’s right iCloud comes complimentary with your Mac Lion Os X 10.7 update!!

iCloud comes standard with 5G of storage. 5G you say? That is not a lot of space, especially in this day and age.  But with the iCloud system, it might as well be a fortune of memory.  The unique way, in which iCloud stores all of your digital media, means that you will hardly even need to touch those 5 gigs.


iCloud is the latest reboot of Apple’s cloud computing services. The previous incarnations included iTools in 2000, .Mac in 2002, and MobileMe in 2008.

As of June 13, 2011, it was reported that iWeb will also be discontinued when MobileMe discontinues. The confirmation of this news came straight from an e-mail that was sent straight to Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, which was asking if iWeb be discontinued after the ditching of MobileMe? “Yep, way all the Jobs had to say on the issue.

Basic service

The cloud-based system allows users to store music, photos, applications, documents, iBooks and contacts, as well as serving as a platform for Apple’s email servers and calendars. According to Infinite Apple. Any music or apps that are designed for different Apple products will automatically go where they belong, music to iTunes, apps to the Mac or iMac, etc.  In fact the 5G wont hardly need to be touched at all, because it will only be used for seconds at a time, if not milli-seconds.  iCloud, the next wave in Mac’s world of wonder. The only question is, as only a handful of people ever know exactly what it is; will it wind up as a gently rolling wave, or as a tsunami?

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