Iced Coffee Wars Heat Up: McDonalds Frappe vs Starbucks Frappuccino.

If you are a true coffee aficionado, then you’ll understand just how important coffee is; from which beans are used, to how fresh they are to the way they are roasted. There’s nothing I love more than going into my favorite coffee house and ordering the latest venti flavored syrup skinny latte with a double shot and supping it to work, drinking it instead of having breakfast. And the same goes for iced coffee drinks. You have to have the best beans, typically arabica and knowing they are being prepared by a proper barista. So when I heard that McDonalds of all people were attempting to make an iced coffee my heart sank. Not being a fan of the fast food joint, I wondered if true coffee lovers would go for it. So I had to try it, under disguise you understand, for drinking good coffee is all about the logo on the cardboard cup isn’t it?!

So now I’ve had a chance to sample the McDonald’s Frappe, I was not surprised that it was not to my taste. This is probably because it is quite dissimilar to Starbucks ingredients. Lets have a look at both ingredients. We compared calorific information, price, and of course, the actual taste to see which is better: The Frappe or the Frappuccino.

McDonalds Frappe

Price: $2.79 plus tax for 16 oz.

Nutrition: 560 calories; 24 grams of fat; 70 grams of sugar.

Ingredients: Water, Cream, Sugar, Milk, High fructose corn syrup, Coffee extract, Cocoa, Ice.

Overall Taste: I am overwhelmed by the milky taste of this iced coffee drink. There does not appear to be much coffee in it and the milk is just too overpowering for me. More like a slightly coffee like milkshake. Not refreshing at all, very rich and creamy with a minimal coffee taste.

Starbucks Frappuccino

Price: $4.03 for 16 oz.

Nutrition: 370 calories; 15 grams of fat; 54 grams of sugar.

Ingredients: Brewed Starbucks, Coffee (Water, Coffee), Reduced Fat Milk, Sugar, Cocoa, Pectin, Ascorbic Acid, Ice.

Overall Taste: You get an intense coffee hit with this drink, very refreshing but could do more with some milk although it is supposed to be an iced coffee drink. I think it would improve with more milk or cream content but that’s just my opinion.

So who wins the iced coffee wars? Well, even if I could get over my McDonald’s prejudice about carrying one of the cardboard cups, it would still have to be Starbucks, I mean, they use proper brewed coffee, not extract! Shocking! Guess I’m just gonna have to stick some whipped cream on top of my Frappuccino.

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