Top five of the new and all time favourite ice creams & Lolllies

Mums face a difficult choice this summer as the promotional launch of several new ice lollies and ice cream has started early, with some products already hitting the supermarket freezers. With kids basing their choices on well-known sweets and cartoon characters, companies are keen on cash in on established favourites, but mums want to make sure it’s not all Milk Time Squeezy - Walls ice creamsugary rubbish their little darlings are lapping up so what are the best of the new arrivals? We’ve picked our favourite top five of the new and all time favourite ice lollies to tantalise your taste buds this summer.

In at number five and our favourite from Walls it’s Milk Time Squeezy. A sure-fire hit with mums for the high calcium content, around 30% RDA in each one and no artificial flavours or colourings, and a super creamy vanilla tasting lolly for the kids in a squeezy tube for no mess enjoyment. Milk Time Squeezys cost around 70p depending on where you shop and contain only 75 calories each.

Number four and we have the latest sweet conversion to ice cream – Magic Stars Ice Cream Stick from Mars. At 80p each or £2.99 for eight the price is right but what about the taste? Well this fluffy concoction of chocolate and milk dairy ice cream does its best to mimic the original but something lacks along the way when you freeze it I feel. I’m sure the kids will love it.

Sitting at number three from Rowntrees are Fruit Screamers which contain a whopping 25% fruit juice and only 66Horror Lolly - ice cream calories, no wonder they are screaming about it! RRP is around 90p each and the refreshing fruity is ideal for kids and grown ups, in fact word is it’s a great treat for weight conscious ladies out there.

Our number two ice lolly is the fabulously named Horror Lolly from R&R. Combining a vanilla centre with strawberry sauce and a cola flavoured iced shell, this lolly was originally produced as a one-off for Halloween last year but proved so popular they’re bought it back for this summer. Costing you 70p each and 90 calories, these ghoulish creamy delights are sure to cool the most heated of children.

Walls X-PopAnd our number one top hit? It has to be Walls X-Pop. A tongue teasing pleasure sensation of orange, strawberry, lemon and cola flavour ice lolly with a topping of bubble gum flavoured popping candy. Perfect to chill you and the kids down on a hot summers day. These great tasting ice lollies are free from artificial flavourings, cost 70p each and only pack 45 calories per lolly.

So whatever your plans this summer, make sure you head for the supermarket freezers and stock up on the latest lollies and ice cream. Your children will thank you for it!

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