Huawei release world’s slimmest smartphone – the Ascend P6

At an incredible 0.24 inches thick, the Huawei Ascend P6 has been unveiled as the world’s thinnest smartphone, and industry experts are already praising the design and features of the new smartphone, which include a 5 mega-pixel front facing camera.

The Ascend P6 is thinner than the iPhone 5 and even beats the Alcatel One Idol Ultra, which previously held the title of the world’s thinnest mobile, however, it is slightly heavier at 120g.

ascend-design - the Ascend P6

The Ascend P6 is said to be capitalising on the world’s obsession with taking ‘selfies’, the so called self portraits that litter social media sites these days. The smartphone features an “auto-facial enhancement” tool, which is especially designed to make your self-portraits look even better, a must for today’s self obsessed phone users, and the 5 megapixel camera beats the iPhone 5 at only 1.2 mega pixels.

The smartphone features a 4.7in screen, which makes it thinner than the HTC One and the iPhone 5. It includes Huawei’s own user interface, use of the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 operating system and comes with 8 gigabytes of internal storage, which is quite low, but has but support for 32GB microSD cards with a 1.5GHz quad core processor developed by Huawei.

The smartphone will go on sale from July and the recommended price is set to be around £385 (€449) or £21 a month on a contract, making it much cheaper than the latest iPhone, which costs £529 in the UK. The only drawback we can see with the P6 is that is does not run on 4G networks.

Ascend P6

The reasonable price is an indication that Huawei want to play with their main competitors, Apple and Samsung, as analyst Ben Wood at CCS Insight says: “The keen price is evidence that Huawei is prepared to use pricing as a way of building share in major European markets. Huawei has made substantial progress in design and quality, but the big unanswered question is whether consumers will accept a product from an almost unknown name in preference to established brands.”

Huawei said that it had to design one of the world’s smallest circuit boards in order to make sure it all fit inside the tiny handset. And Wood is impressed: “It’s undoubtedly the most impressive phone that Huawei have launched to date in terms of the design, the materials used and its quality. We’ve seen mainland Chinese manufacturers rapidly improve their ability to make competitive devices over the last 18 months and this is possibly the best so far. But its 3G status means there has undoubtedly been a trade-off to get it as thin and cheap as possible.”

Huawei is not that well known around the globe, although in their native China they are a major selling brand, their recent shift over to Android phones has been a huge success world-wide, in fact, after Samsung, Apple and LG it is the fourth biggest seller.

white huawei

The chief marketing manager of Huawei, Shao Yang says that there is still much to be done to get the company name familiar with UK and US buyers, he told the BBC: “Seven years ago nobody would have believed Apple could be so successful, and maybe five years ago that Samsung could be so successful.”

It is thought that the speedy expediting of smartphones in China will help Huawei in their efforts to sell abroad. Woods agreed: “This year Huawei is expected to sell 60 million units – double what it did last year – with the lion’s share of that coming from China. So, when competing with companies like Sony or Nokia it has an inherent advantage which will help with cost. It has to make the most of that as it has to pay a kind of tax in the west: since its name is less well known, for big operators or retailers to take its products they expect to get them at a lower price feature-for-feature, spec-for-spec than from a recognised brand.”

For more information visit Huawei.

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