How Video Marketing can Help your Business

If you’ve been thinking about how to increase traffic to your website, you might want to consider adding a video to your business website; and despite what you might think, it’s not that hard to do. There are also a great many reasons why you should consider it; according to research, the average internet user will make around 18 visits a month to video sites, with nearly half of the internet population visiting at least three different video sites in a month. Not only that, but over 785 million visits were made to video sites in September 2011 alone and more than a quarter of all internet users in London share video content online each and every day.

Online video therefore is a great way to promote your business and to get your brand and website in front of a potentially huge audience. Video can also have a real impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), making it more likely for potential customers to find you online. So how do you go about making a successful video that will attract your target audience? There are a few basic pointers that you should always keep in mind when you are making your video, or commissioning a third party to do so for you:

  • Keep a eye on what people are talking about on social media like Facebook and Twitter and try and incorporate this into your video.
  • Interest viewers with entertaining, educational or enlightening content
  • Don’t bore people with lengthy talking, try and keep it under 2 minutes unless it’s a tutorial.
  • Edit your video and add music if it’s appropriate.
  • Ask viewers for comments and suggestions for content.
  • Use meta tags for the content of the page where your video is placed
  • Submit a sitemap to Google, just like you would an XML sitemap
  • Make sure you always include a transcript of all your videos when posting them on your website, sometimes I haven’t got time to watch a video and just want to skim read the content quickly.
  • Use keywords in your video title and make sure they match the page title tag.

One company who are experts in making videos for businesses are Yell, the people behind Yellow pages. Having made over 10,000 videos for their customers in just two years, their experts know the key benefits of investing in video marketing. You can be sure that a premium video from Yell will play a starring role in showcasing your business. Their broadcast-quality videos are made by professional, creative filmmakers and will showcase the unique selling points of your business in an interesting and memorable way – at a competitive price.


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