How to Wear Neon Fashion

If like me, you are a lady of a certain age, you’ll remember the first time neon fashion came around; the colour pop brights of the 80’s emblazoned on tee shirts and shinny jeans and you’ll be wondering why it has made a resurgence. But worry not, for this seasons’ latest crop of neon hues are not the lurid fluorescent yellows and garish pinks of yesteryear, instead they are a more subtle bunch altogether. Now you get neons that are mixed and matched with colour block primary colours and the effect is much more tasteful. A neon jacket can lift a dreary outfit into something straight off the catwalk, and handbags with a splash of neon are just what accessories are all about this season. So if you are tempted to start wearing neon, but still have nightmares about those pinks and yellows from the 1980’s, follow our easy guide on how to wear this bright colour.


For the neon novice, start off slowly with a few best placed accessories. A handbag with a neon splash is a great way to get into the neon spirit, without overdoing it, especially if you are not sure of how to wear this exciting colour. Go for bags that are good quality and are made of leather otherwise the colour will look cheap. Statement bangles are another way to wear neon and the more the merrier. Here you can go for less expensive items and stack them high.


Skinny jeans are the best shape if you want to wear neon shades and don’t forget that the neon does not have to be bright and in your face! Subtle neon hues are just as effective and remember that neon shades come in other colours such as lavenders and greens.

Tops and Dresses

Once you get more confident in wearing neon you can go for a more full on look but still sticking to the more subtle shades of neon and if you are a little hesitant still, go for tops and dresses that have a splash of neon, or a stripe of colour on them. They do not have to be totally neon to have an effect. A neon stripe will jazz up a grey top and take it to a new level. Or a combination of pastel neons will look amazing on a patterned dress.


Shoes are the one area in which you can go a little bit mad if you want to! You can keep your outfit fairly conservative and yet stick on a fabulously crazy pair of neon bright shoes, patterned, wedged up to your eyeballs and sparkling if you so desire! They will only compliment what you are wearing, but make sure the colours match at least!


Can be either trashy or high end but best not to mix the two, so make up your mind if you are going Tom Binns and Erickson Beamon or High Street and River Island. And don’t forget to mix up the colours, you can stack bangles if you are going down the trashy route, but if you are high end, stick to one statement piece.

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