How to Wear a Midi Skirt

It is very fashionable at the moment to wear a Midi-skirt but, if done incorrectly, this style can make you look very frumpy. As with any trend, you must adapt the look to suit your own personal body type and shape. A big problem with this look occurs when the skirt ends at mid-calf. This is the thickest part of the calf and can give the illusion that your leg is fatter then it truly is.

Get the Length Right

If you have chunky calves, make sure that your midi-skirt ends at the bottom end of the calf, where it starts to taper or you will make your calves look a lot wider.

Wear the Right Shoes

This is not the look to wear with flat heels, unless you want to look matronly and frumpy. Because of where the skirt ends, your legs already look a lot shorter and so you need to wear heels with this look to elongate the leg line and create the correct posture. The correct heels will kick this look into a much higher gear.

Wear the Right Top

Choosing the right top will go a long way towards keeping this look fresh and on trend. Steer clear of oversized and baggy tops and keep to fitted tops. The ideal is a slim-fit top tucked into the skirt and a slim-line jacket. There is a danger that the skirt will make you look bulkier so you need to minimise this danger by dressing the top half of your body well.

Choosing the Right Style

It can be difficult to get the right style skirt. A straight up and down skirt seldom suits anyone and can be very unflattering to larger ladies. An A-line skirt is usually flattering to all body types so should be the first stop if you are unsure of what style to choose. An elongated pencil skirt is also very flattering on most body types and can create a fantastic hour-glass shape. Be careful when it comes to flared and gathered skirts though. These create a lot of bulk and can be very unflattering if you get the length wrong. With these skirts it is imperative to get them at the right length.

If you follow these tips and choose the correct midi-skirt, you will find that you are pleasantly surprised by the versatility and style that they can add to your wardrobe.

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