How to Update your Living Room on a Shoestring Budget

Updating your living room need not be an expensive exercise. You do not need to completely redecorate in order to create a fresh new look. The first place to start is to clear out clutter. Then step back and assess the situation.  Go through one element at a time.

Check the Walls:

One of the quickest and least expensive changes in living room décor is a change in the wall colour. If you are really strapped for cash, simply choose a feature wall and find a complimentary colour that you can paint it. This will change the look of the entire room.

Have a look at the paintings and pictures hanging on the walls. Are they out of date? What about the frames? If you do not want to change the pictures, you may consider updating the frames. You could repaint the frames using a different treatment. If you are considering buying new frames, consider changing the size of the frames. If you increase the size of the frames, ensure that you prepare a larger mount to match the frames.

Consider creating a feature wall by hanging a large or decorative mirror on it. Other ways to create a feature on wall are to add decorative sconces or change wall mounted light fittings.

Check the Floors:

The first thing to do is to see how clean your floors are. If you have carpets, when last were they steam cleaned? Merely steam-cleaning the carpets can refresh the look of the room. The next step would be to consider adding a selection of small rugs and mats.

Check your Accessories:

Of course, the easiest way to update your living room is to change your accessories. Changing your accessories could mean changing your cushion covers and throws on your couches. You could buy these new or dye them a new colour. Alternatively, look for novel ways to change the appearance of the cushions and throws. Sew on buttons or ribbons. Get ideas from any home magazine. You could also apply these same principles to lampshades and light fittings. Change out vases and bric a brac for a new look.


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