How to Throw a Halloween Party

Everybody knows when Halloween is celebrated but just in case someone did not, it would be advisable to mark the kitchen calendar because the day is fast approaching. Halloween is held on the last day of the month of October that is on the 31st of October. This holiday is celebrated in many different countries all over that world for either the same or different reasons. Some hold it to remember the departed while others to give thanks for the harvest season that has just ended. But for whatever reason it is being held for, in today’s world the main objective is to have fun.

There are plenty of activities to do during Halloween but the best is to throw a Halloween party. Halloween parties are becoming more and more popular by the minute. Every year people tend to throw parties than do other Halloween activities such a trick or treat that is regarded as a child’s play these days. So why not throw a Halloween party this year and see how it goes? And better yet, how can one throw a Halloween party without overdoing everything and ending up with two people on the party?

The first most important thing to do when planning to throw a Halloween party is to find out if there is anybody else having a Halloween party within your neighborhood. Chances are that if there are too many Halloween parties in the same area, people will tend to go for parties that are being held by their closest friends or the most popular neighbor. But if there is no one else, then you are at an advantage because almost everyone will end up in your house.

The next step is to send out invites so as to have an estimated number of the expected guests. This helps when planning on how much food to buy and how much space will be needed for the party. After people have confirmed their attendance, one can then start shopping for the party. Have friends and relative help with the shopping list in order to make sure that nothing is a miss.

The venue for the party should be prepared in advance so as to avoid any last minute rush when the guests are almost arriving. It is important that one gets all the necessary help from their friends when it comes to the venue. Remember this is where the guests will spend most of their time so it should be pleasing to the eye and offer them a relaxed atmosphere. Make sure that the right decorations are in place. Decorations could me corn plants made out of manila paper, pumpkin curving, sketches of witches and if possible have one or two statues of the necessary items involved with Halloween.

Lastly, after everything is set and ready, make sure that the guests have the time of their lives. Place bowls of sweets for everyone to pick every once in a while. Good music and have rooms were different activities can take place. Activities could be movie watching, scary story telling or just catching up. If there are enough funds and time, construct a temporary small haunted house for people to visit but for a reasonable fee. This idea will help return some of the money spent in preparing the Halloween party but if you are generous enough, the money can be donated to nonprofit organizations. Let people dress up in costumes of their choice and appoint a panel of judges to pick out and reward the best dressed. Halloween parties should be fun and exciting for everyone right from the kids to the elderly, so try to make it so.

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