How to take the perfect Selfie

Everyone’s taking them and they are literally everywhere, I’m talking about the ubiquitous selfie, the snap you take of yourself and then post up on your favourite social media site.

Some might say they are the latest in vain self obsession, others state that they are a great way of capturing your day and making you feel good about yourself.

Whatever your feelings about the selfie, you can’t get away from them, and when celebrities such as Kelly Brook cannot stop taking them, you know they are going to be here for a long while yet.

So how do you take a good selfie? Well, surprisingly (or not) they are not as spontaneous as the faces behind the snaps would have us believe. Taking a good selfie needs practise and guidance, so check out our tips on perfecting a great selfie.

Casual up

Image courtesy: Little Karen/Flickr

Image courtesy: Little Karen/Flickr

Selfies look better if they have been taken on the spur of the moment, so if you are made up to the eyeballs, with not a hair out of place, wearing your best clobber, you’re gonna fool nobody and look silly and vain.

Stick to casual clothes, the type that you always wear, and by all means have some slap on, but keep it to a minimum. Make sure your face is not shiny and highlight your eyes a little, then you’re ready to practise. In the mirror!


Image courtesy: Linadelika/Flickr

Image courtesy: Linadelika/Flickr

If you want to perfect the art of a good selfie, get posing in the mirror first, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone! This is the place where you discover which is your best side, and you can try out various smiles to see which flatters you the most.

Also look at head tilts, typically in a good selfie, a flattering pose is where the head tilts down slightly, and you are looking up at the camera (think Lady Diana all coquettish).

This might not suit you however, so try out various poses. Basic tips are to lengthen your neck, lift your chin up, give a slight tilt of the face and making eye contact with the camera, if you are after a sexy selfie, try breathing out softly for a sultry pout.


Image courtesy: Sasha Arutyunova/Flickr

Image courtesy: Sasha Arutyunova/Flickr

Turn off the flash, even models don’t look good in bright lights so why would you? Daylight is the best lighting for us ordinary folk, and overcast indoor daylight at that, not bright sunlight.

The diffused light will help to smooth out any wrinkles and it won’t cast hard shadows. So if outdoors go in the shade, and if indoors, stay away from the windows.

Be self deprecating

Image courtesy: Ferdi Galeon/Flickr

Image courtesy: Ferdi Galeon/Flickr

There are some people that think selfies are a little vain and that the people who continually take them are obsessed about the way they look. Prove them wrong by showing a little humour and throw in a funny, self deprecating selfie now and then.

Something like you with paint on your face whilst you are doing up the bathroom, or a hair dying disaster with a lightening kit. Have fun with your selfies and don’t be too serious.

Be you

Image courtesy: Pablo Buitrago Ángel/Flickr

Image courtesy: Pablo Buitrago Ángel/Flickr

A selfie is a great way of capturing your life in a series of snaps that happen to include you. So maximise this by taking selfies as part of your daily life.

It’s a literal picture diary, and with us all sharing so much of our lives these days, a selfie is much more interesting than a one liner on Facebook. So embrace your inner selfie, and let it speak for you, but above all, don’t take it too seriously.

Featured image courtesy Sharon West/Flickr

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