How to stay stylish in the summer heat

I’ve always said it is virtually impossible to look stylish in the cold weather. Too many layers and the cold wintry wind bashing away at your face, even a super model would struggle.

Now the summer? That’s a totally different story, but for some people they still find it hard to look fashionable, as the heat causes their make-up to melt, and they go from Betty to Sweaty in less than a minute. Staying stylish in the summer is easy, if you just follow a few simple tips, which we have laid out for you below. Now if only someone could help me in the winter…

Choose Natural Materials

When buying summer clothes, always choose fabrics that are natural, as they will breathe, so look for cottons and linens and go for lightweight fibers. Stay away from anything artificial or manmade, such as polyester or acrylic, and stick to colours that won’t show up sweat patches, such as creams and pastels. This CC Butterfly Linen Skirt costs £39.99 and is available from John Lewis.

CC Butterfly Linen Skirt costs £39.99

Look for loose fitting clothes

Wonder why those Bedouin tribes wear loose fitting robes? They’ve spent centuries roaming the deserts and know that a loose fitting garment is the best way to stay cool in the sun. This is because the air is allowed to circulate around the body, and the sweat can then evaporate and cool the body down.

For westerners, the next best thing to a Bedouin robe is a maxi dress, with straps at the shoulders to let the air out at the top easily, and a loose fitting bust. Just this gorgeous Indian Summer Print Maxi Dress – £50.00 from Miss Selfridge.

 gorgeous Indian Summer Print Maxi Dress - £50.00

Cut-outs keep you cool

Luckily for us in the summer, the cut-out dress is proving to be a godsend in this heat. With built-in ventilation, these strategic cutouts can help keep the air circulating against your body, and raise the fashion stakes at the same time. Choose between a dress with cut-outs or find a skirt, but we love this lovely Misty Floral Cut Out Skater Dress – £24.99, from celebrity favourite store Missguided.

misty skater cut out 24 99

Shorts are the shortest way

Give jeans and trousers the chop, with a pair of cooling shorts, making sure they are made with crisp cotton. We’ve all had to deal with hot and sweaty thighs in the summer, and a pair of cool shorts will combat this heat dilemma. Choose a lightweight pair in a funky pattern to stay stylish. Check out this pretty pair – Belle Heart Red Paisley Fan Print Shorts – £19.99, from New Look.

Belle Heart Red Paisley Fan Print Shorts 19.99

Choose prints over plain

If you are prone to overheating and sweating, choose a pattern over a plain piece as this will camouflage those sweat stains. Go for thin stripes, graphic prints, or all over floral, anything busy basically, to keep those dark patches out of sight. We love any excuse to buy this Folk Floral Print Dress £60.00 from Warehouse.

Folk Floral Print Dress £60.00

Drop the waist

When it is really hot, you don’t want to wear anything that clings or feels too tight around the waist, as this will literally become a magnet for sweat.

Instead, either find a skirt lightweight enough to not need a tight waistband, and keep your shirt or blouse untucked, or find a dress with a dropped waist, such as an A-line or a tunic style. This Costella Drop Waist Dress, Blue £65 from Whistles is exactly what we mean.

Whistles Costella Drop Waist Dress, Blue 65

Shoes need straps

People tend to forget about shoes in the heat, but the wrong shoes can slip about when you get sweaty and cause blisters and hard skin. So pick a pair with a lot of straps that will hold your feet in place so that you’re not slipping around. But make sure your feet have room for the air to circulate. We think these Tan high heeled ‘faris’ sandals £19.00 from Red Herring are perfect.

 Tan high heeled 'faris' sandals £19.00