How to stay sane after a breakup

A breakup in life, whether it be a long-term relationship that breaks down, or a short term, all cause pain and

couple breakup

couple breakup

heartache. It’s an emotional time in any persons life, and easy to fall apart, as a result. Don’t let your relationship breakdown get the better of you.

To avoid your health suffering after a breakup, follow these handy hints:

  • Don’t live in the past. Tormenting yourself with how things used to be will only cause you more, unnecessary hurt, consequently making it difficult for you to move on. Thinking about time gone by won’t help you move to the future. Although you will obviously remember how things were, as well as feeling quite raw about the whole situation, try to put that period in your life aside and walk in another direction.
  • Time is a healer, and by putting space between you and your ex you’re giving each other a break. If you get the urge to speak to them, or can feel yourself starting to pester them, either put your phone away, or switch your phone off so you can’t ring them. A broken down relationship can cause confused feelings, so give yourself time to see how you life would be on your own, before making any rash decisions.
  • Don’t live in hope that your ex will change. Although people can calm their behaviour down, for example, people don’t change, and would you really want to be with someone who couldn’t be themselves around you?
  • Don’t be afraid of crying. There is nothing wrong with crying, and it’s a great way to let your feelings show. Sometimes those around you aren’t aware of a problem until you cry on their shoulder, so tell them. A problem shared is a problem halved, after all.
  • Use your family and friends as your support network, and don’t be afraid to ask them to help you in one way or another. They’d hate you to be feeling low or even depressed and not being asked to help. Your family know you best, as do your friends, and they’ll also have seen the relationship you had, therefore being able to offer advice that has substance.
  • Focus on how your life could be if you remained single, and all the great things you could achieve. Although easier said than done, sticking to your guns and remaining single, if that was your decision, would increase your confidence and make you feel proud of yourself.

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