How To Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

Remove Black Hair Dye - dyed my hair what was supposed to be a dark brown colour and it came out blackI remember once when I dyed my hair what was supposed to be a dark brown colour and it came out black. Not a flattering black you understand, but a black that made me look like Morticia from The Addams Family.

The lengths I went to get the black colour out, it’s a wonder I had any hair left. After I had restored my hair to a natural light brown, I was given a realm of tips and guides of how I should have gone about getting the black colour out, thanks guys! Too little too late!

But while it was too late for me, it’s not too late for me to share these tips with you, my trusted readers. The problem with the colour black is that it is such a saturated colour that it penetrates deeper into the hair shaft and, because of that, it so much harder to remove.

To really prevent damage, the best course of action is to wait until all the black has grown out, or have it cut off and start again, but who wants to do that!? Thankfully there are some great home remedies and some fabulous products that you can use to remove the black, without causing damage. So here we go, the best products, the best tips on how to remove black hair dye without damaging your hair.


As far as I know, there are no shampoos that will take away the black colour from your hair, but, there are some that will progressively reduce it, although this is not their main purpose. I have found that any dandruff shampoos, or clarifying shampoos work quite well to gradually decrease the amount of black dye in the hair shafts.

This is because these shampoos are typically a little harsher than regular shampoos and will strip some color off your hair with every wash.

However, you have to be prepared to wait for a few days or weeks even, as this method doesn’t work straight away. It could be a couple of weeks before all the dye is completely removed from your hair.

It also depends on what kind of dye you used in the first place. A semi permanent will take less time to have the colour stripped out, whilst a permanent will take longer.

The time you decided to start washing your hair with the dandruff shampoos will also be taken into consideration. If you wait a few weeks before you start with the harsher shampoos it will take much longer for them to work. You have better chances of removing a lot of the color if you wash it immediately.

Bear in mind though that your hair will suffer as the harsher shampoos will also strip the natural oils from your hair, so it is very important to keep using a good conditioner.

Vitamin C & Shampoo?

This is the latest trick I have heard on the internet but not tested it myself so approach with caution!  The way you go about using this solution is that you get some Vitamin C tablets, they can be chewable or solid powder form, and you crush them up into a powder. Take about 12 x 50mg tablets, and mix these up with a little bit of baby shampoo or another mild shampoo, put this onto slightly damp hair as if you were washing it and leave on for about 45 minutes, checking constantly. Rinse off and you should see all the dye washing away down the sink or bath. If it has only lifted the colour a shade or two, you can repeat the process as the vitamins will not damage your hair.

Chemical Colour Removers

These are special products that strip the hair dye from your hair without damaging the hair or using bleach. The way they work is that they shrink the oxidative color molecules present in permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes so that you can then wash the dye out of your hair. These products are available at any good chemist or pharmacy or you can get it done at a salon by a professional. Here are a couple of hair dye removal products:

Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor 3-Combo Set - $39.99

Pravana’s Artificial Hair Color Extractor system is unlike any other hair color removal product. You can actually remove artificial hair color without affecting the natural base color of the hair. Corrective color can be done immediately following the Color Extractor service. Pravana’s Color Extractor 3 part system doesn’t contain formaldehyde or any other harsh or dangerous ingredients. Artificial Hair Color Extractor : Changes the artificial Color in the hair Leaves Hair conditioned with soft texture Formula easy to mix and apply Does not contain bleach, ammonia formaldehyde or peroxide. Available from Amazon.com

L'Oreal Paris Colorist Secrets Haircolor Remover Hair Treatment

Correct color mistakes with ease!  This product removes artificial hair color from your hair, leaving it ready for a new application. Hair color remover does not restore hair to its original, natural shade, but instead prepares it for re-coloring. Does not contain formaldehyde or any other harsh or dangerous ingredients. Made in Paris. Available from Amazon.com

For future reference, always buy a hair dye that is a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair color if you want to avoid the black hair disaster again!

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