How To Protect Your Washing in the Washing Machine

People think that doing the washing is a simple job; you bung the clothes in, you pop the powder or liquid in the drawer, you choose the correct programme then switch it on and let it do all the work. But if you have had any washing mishaps, then you’ll know that nothing is ever that simple. There are a few things that you need to consider before you even start to separate your coloureds from your whites (you do that at least don’t you?!) To get the best out of your washing machine, we have devised a few tips and selected the best advice to make sure that you never have a washing disaster ever again! Read on!

  • First off, you should always try and take the washing out of the machine as soon as the cycle has finished. At least, the very maximum it should remain in there is upto two hours, otherwise it will start to smell. We all know that sometimes this is impossible because you may not have the time or space to get it dry, but remember that the wet and hot environment in the washing machine is ideal for bacteria and fungus to develop. Therefore, the longer you leave your washing inside, the more likely for it to be contaminated by this bacteria.
  • When your washing machine is not in use, always keep the door open. This is to make sure that the inside of the machine is aired properly and it keeps humidity and germs to a minimum. If the door is closed the heat will remain in there and germs will multiply as it will be the perfect environment for them. Also, you will get black mould growing which will appear on your clothes the next time you do a load of washing and that is very difficult to get off.
  • Speaking of mould and germs, it is very important to keep the inside of your machine, in particular the rubber seal inside the door, spotlessly clean. You should aim to clean your machine and disinfect it from time to time to ensure that there is no bacteria growth and that all germs have been killed off and not transferred onto wet clothes. Cleaning specialists recommend you that every once in a while to start a washing program without any clothes inside, but you should fix the temperature at the maximum and also use some bleach in the special drawer, even if the washing machine is empty. That is done with the purpose of cleaning it.
  • We would recommend you not to use the two in one washing powders or liquids, where the cleaning action also has a softening action combined with it. As with shampoos that are combined, when you mix two different acting agents together, we believe that one or the other is disadvantaged somewhat. So it is best to use separate washing agents and softners in your washing machine.
  • Finally, all bedsheets, towels, duvet covers and underwear should be washed at a very high temperatures as these articles come into close contact with your body more than other clothes and as such, will hold more bacteria on them.

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