How To Protect Your home from Mother Nature

Mother Nature is unpredictable, and sometimes it can throw things in the direction of your home that if you are not prepared it can cause some serious damage. Depending on where in the country you live there are different things you want to do to protect against the things you will most often find. For example in the North East or Midwest you want to protect against higher amounts of snow. In the South West some hail storms can literally punch a hole right through your roof. In the South East, there is always the threat of hurricane season. So what can you do to protect your home against the things nature can throw your way?

Heavy Snowfall

Heavy snowfall can happen almost anywhere above the Mason-Dixie line and sometimes even in places bellow it. Your home should be ready for such conditions, and the first thing you want to look at is the roof. The roof is your main defense against heavy snow fall so checking it before the winter is highly recommended. You must check for cracks or small holes that may have been caused by rain, hail, or wind as well as simple cracks caused by the age of the roof. A tiny crack can make your roof unstable and should be taken care of as soon as possible. You should also look for heavy tree branches that may give way if the snowfall is too heavy. If the branch is too weak and on top of the house it can spell trouble for the home owner and it is best to contact a landscaper to remove it.

Protect Against Damaging Winds

There is no way to protect your home 100 percent against tornados and hurricanes; in fact depending on the strength of the storm it may be even impossible. But on a weaker storm you should give your home a fighting chance. If you know a storm like a hurricane is coming then you should make sure that the windows and glass are covered. Most of the damage in a hurricane is not done by the wind itself, but rather by the things that come with the wind like debris. You should also turn off the gas and other things that may cause a fire. Removing equipment from your lawn will also prevent that equipment from becoming debris.

Protect Against Fire

The South West and some parts of California seem to be affected every year by the threat of fire. The dry conditions and the heat, together with strong winds can make a fire spread rather easily. If a wildfire is coming your direction you can have your home sprayed with foam that is fire resistant. The foam is easily removed once the fire is gone. If you also want to give your home the best chance you should make sure that your roof is fire resistant. Shingles would be a big mistake in an area with wildfires. Instead you can use tile, metal or slate tile. It is also a good idea to keep trees and other vegetation at least a hundred feet away from your house.

When nature strikes there may be little you can do to prevent damage to your property. However little home improvement tips can be the difference between manageable damage and your home being brought to the ground. If you’re new to your area, you may want to contact the local fire department and they may be able to give you tips on the things you want to look out for. Remember, investing a little money on protecting your home can save the entire structure in the worst case scenario.

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