How To Organize A Nursery

Welcoming a new life into your family is one of the greatest miracles you’ll ever have the privilege of undergoing. With this tiny bundle of joy will come yards of responsibility and just as much stuff if not more than any full sized adult moving in. This means you will want to know a few things about how to keep track of all that stuff. Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

Don’t Buy Into All The Extra Stuff

Remember when babies used to use dresser drawers as cribs? When there weren’t even car seats for the little tykes to ride around in? Chances are that if you’re reading this you don’t remember these times and instead are thinking of all the advertisements you see for neat gadgets to entertain your child with. Don’t buy into all the advertising you aren’t going to need half of the items they say you will and the less you bring into the home the less you have to worry about keeping track of. Start with the essentials.

Keep Your Changing Table A Priority

A changing station is certainly an essential ingredient in a well-structured and useful nursery. This is an area that you want to keep as clean and clutter free as possible because you will be using it so often. Get a nice caddy, basket or cute box to hold diapers, wipes, creams and any other hygiene items you use daily. Invest in a couple of different changing pad covers as you will certainly need to change them when your bundle of joy hoses them down. Finally, make use of the sides and bottom for storage space. This is prime real estate for extra bibs, wipes and diapers. You’ll want them here so you don’t have to leave when you run out and so you can easily pack your diaper bag from one location.

Shuffle Your Clothes

One fabulous tip that will help you keep on top of everything your little darling needs to stay content is to go through their clothing often. Babies do one thing very fast-they grow faster than any little weed and are ten times cuter. What fit them last week may be way too tight this week. To keep current and have your room in a tidy order it is best to keep shuffling clothing that is too small out of circulation. These make great gifts for friends and family members that may also be expecting their first or even their second child. You can also make a donation to the local good will or Salvation Army and help a family that is less fortunate than yours.

Pick A Theme

Before you decide to go hog wild with an all blue or all pink room you should consider a possible theme for your nursery. If you plan on having another baby relatively soon, you may like to choose a theme that can go well with either gender. A baby jungle animal theme can be very cute and goes well with many colors. Giraffes and elephants can adorn your walls and you can use browns and greens for linens and bedding. Perhaps you like classic cartoon characters, or a princess theme for a little girl. However you decide to decorate, if you choose a theme from the outset you’ll have an easier time deciding what to buy and how to paint. This will also go a long way to pulling the entire room together in a well-designed fashion. Some people even enjoy choosing diaper bags, car seats and other accessories to go with the theme of the nursery. Whatever you do, by all means have some fun planning your little one’s first room.

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