How To Make Money As A Writer

Perhaps you’re a person who has spent your youth keeping a journal or maybe you have even had a formal education on the written word and now you want to make some earnings off of your skills. The best way these days is to start with the internet. There can be some scams out there so you will want to prepare yourself on knowing what’s legitimate and what’s not.

Ways To Earn With Reviews

There are many different sites that want real, well-written reviews on the product they offer. This is the digital age which means many more pages of words are being written and published. For the person who wants to earn off of their words this is a great opportunity. The plus side to being paid for a review is that they are short and often easy to write. In addition to that there are countless sites that want to know more about what people think about products. The down side to earning this way is that you may only have some products you wish to review and most often the pay is very low.

Consider Freelance Work

These days there are more and more sites springing up online that are devoted to helping people find online jobs. Most people know if they are good at web development there will be an online site that they can go to in order to find work. When you’re a writer you may be missing this knowledge. There are several sites that offer people the chance to ‘hang their shingle’ out there offering the skills of their pen for some money. Often these sites are free to join and don’t take payment until you start working. The best way to find the site that will work best for you is to do some searching and then read user reviews.  The benefits of this type of work is that you get to schedule around your personal time, work on assignments you want to and work as much or as little as you’d like. The down side is that you are responsible for it all: marketing your skills, bill collections, editing your work and everything else that goes with creating a business.

Scam Alert

So many people are mistrusting of the internet and for good reason. During the cyber world’s youth there were mostly scams available for ‘online money making.’ These days there are fewer of the scams out there but they do still exist. First of all, remember that you shouldn’t have to pay for your job opportunity. This is one of the simplest indications of a company that is mostly in it to get your money. Next, beware of those who feel the need to meet outside of the online world. The idea to working online means you shouldn’t have to meet potential clients or employers. Next, if they are after personal information this should also raise a red flag.

With the different sites out there devoted to helping people safely shop the net and earn money off of different online venues there is no reason an employer should need access to your banking information, let alone a social security number. If a potential client is asking for these things you should consider looking elsewhere immediately. Finally, read the reviews of people who have earned money from the company. These reviews MUST be off the potential employer’s page so that there will be more credibility. With so many people online today it’s easy to search the opportunity you’re considering and get real people’s opinions on whether it was a good or bad place to work for.

With these simple tips you can be well on your way to earning a living the same way Shakespeare did!

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