How To Make A Romantic Italian Dinner

The anniversary is creeping up and you want to know what to do for you and your partner when the idea pops into your head to prepare a nice dinner for the two of you to enjoy by candle light. You’ll want to plan a little time in advance so that you’ll be able to pick up the items you’ll want for dinner. The first thing you’ll want to consider is your shopping list and think about making sure you stick to the items on your list so that you stay within budget.

It’s Not Just About Spaghetti

When you’re considering setting up the dinner take a few minutes to really think about what you’re going to prepare. Italian food isn’t just about spaghetti, there are many different types of dishes and they are not all about pasta. Veil, chicken and seafood are all part of the tradition. Don’t forget the appetizer, a nice cheese plate as well as some veggies or a soup is wonderful and the perfect starter to any meal.

Get The Candles Out

It’s a given that if you’re having a romantic dinner you will need to whip the candles out. One or two scented ones are fine but the majority of your mood lighting should be unscented, tiered and safely placed. They add a nice atmosphere to any table setting and if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on them check out discount stores, dollar stores or good will stores for better bargains.

Background Music Should Stay In The Background

While you may really love some heavy metal and it tends to set the mood for you it isn’t necessarily considered mood music. You want to have something that can be played in the background so that you create the mood and feel a perfect evening.

Consider What To Drink

It is easy to forget about a nice drink when you’re pulling together a well done dinner. You don’t want to do this. You’ll want a good glass for water for each of you and it’s also a great idea to have something sparkly for you. Whether or not you want to have alcohol you should still have a nice drink that enhances the meal.

Think Out Of The Box With Desert

No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to make sure to hand-make whatever it is you’re having at the end of the meal. But you do need to make sure to have something to finish you’re meal off with. Fresh fruit is a fantastic choice along with a fresh cup of coffee. This is a great way to continue having a conversation without overeating. The fresh coffee will help the two of you digest your meal without and it’s a great pick me up.

The Final Tip: Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

It’s another perfect tip to remember not to wait till the day of the dinner to do everything. It’s much better to be a little prepared and get ready before the actual day. Make sure that you invite your date early so that they are prepared for being there for dinner. Get the dining area in order before you consider grocery shopping or getting started with the meal planning. The day of the dinner, be prepared by getting a small checklist ready. Start your day off backwards: by preparing desert first. After you have that ready then you can get the appetizers ready. Now that you’re there you’ll just need to pull the meal together and start setting everything up. Finally, kick back and relax-enjoy your romantic dinner!

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