How to Look Your Best In Photographs

You know exactly what happens, some idiot with a camera says to you ‘Say Cheese!’ and before you know it you’ve been snapped with eyelids half closed, effecting a gurn that wouldn’t look amiss inside a toilet loo seat, and the result is your most unflattering picture to date. Thing is, as we rely more and more on the internet and need a pretty decent picture of ourselves for promotion or simply for a facebook profile, looking our best in photographs is becoming evermore important. So how can you make sure that the next time that sneaky camera is pointing your way, you’ll know what to do in order to perfect a perfect picture? Follow our guide to Looking your best in Photographs and you’ll never have to wrestle a camera off a loved one to press the delete button again.

Don’t Hide Away

Body language is a huge aspect of taking a good picture, you only have to look at red carpet events to see how the actresses hold themselves upright the minute they spy a camera on its way. So with this in mind, sit or stand up straight, pull your shoulders back slightly and if you are a woman, turn a little sideways on to the camera, if you are a man, face the camera head on. Then relax!

Smile Don’t Gurn!

Don’t pull a silly face as soon as a camera heads your way. If you have to, practise a winning smile in front of the mirror until it looks natural, and get to know which is your best side too. You can check which side is best by looking at some old photographs of yourself. See if you suit smiling with an open mouth or closed and always let the smile reach your eyes.

Ask for Some Notice!

Timing is everything and can make the difference between a beautiful smile and a face failure so don’t be afraid to ask when it is your turn, especially if you are at some event like a wedding or christening when the photogrpaher will get around to snapping you. If it is a more informal setting, then ask a friend to count you in for the shot, as in 3,2, and 1 for the snap and on 1 look at the camera from your best side and with your mirror smile perfected.

Tuck that Chin Under!

If you are prone to a bit of surplus chin flesh then you’ll need to practise this trick to banish it from your pictures. Simply touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue whenever you smile. This way your neck is stretched a little more than usual and you know that a taut neck equals a slim line neck with no double chins wobbling about.

Try Laughing!

Have you noticed that you don’t need a degree in psychology to know a fake smile when you see one, but it is very hard to force fake a laugh? To look natural when you are having your picture taken, think of a funny joke you found extremely amusing at the time or remember a hilarious occasion and let the laughter spill forth! If you can’t think of something funny then laugh anyway as making yourself titter often leads to the real thing!

Take your Goggles Off!

Show off your eyes by removing your specs because in real life, they do make you look smart and intelligent, but in photographs, they hide your face and the flash will bounce off them. Let people see what hides behind the specs!

Stare into the Sun?

Yes it is a song by Graffiti6, it is also something you should never do if you are having your picture taken. You’ll end up with squinty eyes and awful crows feet wrinkles. Ask the camera person, who if they are a professional should never have put you in this position in the first place, to do a 180 so the sun is to one side of you or behind you. The rest is up to them and their shutter speeds and lighting refracture thingy. Cough.

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